*head desk* The Black Panther movie isn’t out yet and so far people want Bucky as King, Natasha as Queen, Wakanda being some wild and barbaric place that sacrifices Virgin Steve, and now for the Dora Milaje to drop their duties to T’Challa to go tend to Grown Baby Bucky for no sensible reason whatsoever. And it’s only going to get worse from here. I’m already tired.


Goes to show that white people cannot fathom a fictional world where they are not centered. And then they tell us we aren’t allowed to be in any story because “historical accuracy” despite any actual evidence to the contrary.

It is white delusion and egotistical posturing

The only narratives they have ever been given in white media are the ones where they are the center of it. When given an opportunity to de-center themselves in the story they don’t know what to do, or how to handle it. Their minds won’t let them do anything but  get angry that they aren’t the story’s motivation, or reassert their supremacy within the story. Some of them are so mentally inert they can’t even see it. They simply reproduce the same narratives they’ve been given over and over, again and again.