Why is that person so obsessed with disproving FS!Finn, Rey had not awaken at that point of the film. It doesn’t take a master degree. In fact Snoke obviously didnlt know about Rey UNTIL Kylo told him about her much later in the film. Hell, I don’t think even Kylo knew about Rey’s ability until the interrogation scene since he didn’t comment on it when he was mocking her about Han Solo and her friends (it also explains why Kylo seemed so personally angry at Finn in their fight).





cont. Kylo was obviously as interested in Finn as he was in Rey. That only makes sense if they are both force sensitive and a possible threat. And not just because Finn was some random stormtrooper. Considering stormtroopers get sent into recondition Finn’s doubts wouldn’t have caused that big of red flag alone. There has to be something else about him.

Oh that ones easy. It starts with r and ends with ism.

When you consider the fact that Finn was envisioned and written as a white man (see all the concept art, in every piece Finn is drawn as a white guy), then all the clues and queues surrounding him isn’t even remotely subtle. And Rey (envision as a white woman) gets the more obvious clues because Abrams, Kasdan & Kennedy et al. knows that people will focus on the (white) man over the (white) woman.

The issue arose when John got cast as Finn and Abrams didn’t do rewrites to account for race. Because if people will focus on the white male over the white female, then they will focus on literally anyone else (even the blurred out two bit white villain with no skills and less personality in the background) over a Black male lead.

But Abrams subscribe to the colorblind theory so I doubt he would ever even consider this an issue.

Back to your points. 

Heck, even when Kylo does tell Snoke about Rey he sort of doubts it and doesn’t seem to have sensed her himself, despite the fact that she used the Force not that long before. (Exact words: “If what you say about the girl is true, bring her to me.”)

And Kylo does initially seem very dismissive of Rey. (Just a scavenger.) Right up until she laser targets his creepy obsession with Vader.

Yeah, since reconditioning is a thing and Phasma seems very much to be on top of things there, Finn’s doubts alone would not have cause Kylo Ren’s obsessive and unusual attention to FN-2187.

And it is very unusual. I’m working on an analysis of the scene between Hux and Kylo Ren on the bridge, during Finn’s and Poe’s escape and it highlights not only the interest Kylo has in Finn, but also how very extraordinary that interest is.

But more on that when I get the whole thing typed out.

I look forward to it. Finn and Kylo’s parallels are not dwell into enough in fandom. But I’m not surprised when even so called progressive part of fandom still loves to praise TFA for not having a male lead, when Finn is exactly that.

Yeah. I’ve seen the old concept art where Finn was still drawn as a white man (he was also older if I remember?). I gave no doubt we wouldn’t be having this discussion if he’d been cast as white or white passing. In fact I imagine we wouldn’t be getting more metas about his trading and how he’s Anakin/Obi Wan/etc. reincarnation/secret son/etc.

Snoke didn’t seem interested in Rey at all. He didn’t even mention her when he ordered Hux bring Kylo over. So yeah, makes no sense he made a big deal about the Awakening having happened knowing it was Rey, and then just dismiss Rey when she was captured. It’s just obvious the conversation was not about her. Rey’s awakening with the Force was a wild card that not even Snoke was able to foresee.

@claranovak So now tumblr swallows it when people add things in reblogs too? Great @staff. (I found this by chance.)

You just gave me a brilliant idea for a gif set. Reverse parallels or whatever we should call them between Finn and Kylo (e.g. Finn telling Rey he made the choice never to kill for the First Order and Kylo saying to Snoke that he won’t fail him.)

And yes. Like the only reason why the Finn Skywalker theorist group is as small as it is, is 110% down to Finn being Black. Yes Rey has a very good case, but so does Finn. And every time it’s brought up we get the inevitable “it’s just aesthetics/coincidence/whatever” arguments.

Heck even on that “Awakening” post I’ve had more than one moron argue that what was sensed was Finn’s moral/emotional awakening and not just the one you saw (now I just block them because they’re beyond rational arguments). But why would Snoke sense, much less care about a random Stormtrooper’s ethical scruples?

As for Kylo not telling Snoke who it is? 1) He lost Finn (and we see him have a magnificent tantrum when he learns that Finn escaped Jakku) and 2) Kylo more than once shows that he has his own agenda and is by no means Snoke’s perfectly obedient servant.

You know I hadn’t even thought of that last bit, how disinterested Snoke is in Rey. But yeah, he is.

You all bring up some awesome points that I hadn’t thought of before!

What is so unnerving to me about this fandom is the overwhelming need some people feel to “prove” that Finn isn’t force sensitive and the mental gymnastics they go through to deny blatant evidence. I know I keep coming back to this, but the Hosnian system sequence where the script and movie show Finn hearing “sounds from the sky” with his back turned and those sounds being what makes him turn and see what’s happening. Not only are people dismissing it by making up things that didn’t happen (e.g. he’s hearing everyone around him screaming…when…literally no one was screaming you can easily watch it and see that lol), but like, I’ve literally seen people say, “yeah, that would be definitive proof he’s force sensitive, so it’s gotta be an editing error because he’s obviously not force sensitive.” What the actual fuck?

And here again with Kylo “feeling something” and that making him turn and look at Finn for a long moment…like the movie is called The Force Awakens and is all about how we need a host of new Jedi to rise but no no no Kylo couldn’t be feeling the force awakening in Finn and then tell Snoke as much later nah just gotta be emotions ya know?

That folks were willing to speculate that Finn was Luke’s son when all they had to go on were drawings of a white guy, but then Finn gets on screen with his glorious dark skin and suddenly it’s nope he can’t even be force sensitive just comedic relief, makes it so obvious that this is a manifestation of antiblack racism.

Folks will entertain the notion that Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord but provide receipt after receipt on Finn’s obvious force sensitivity and suddenly it’s OMG NO WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT THAT’S RIDICULOUS. Mmm hmm, yeah, okay, I see you.

Because some people find it impossible to go beyond the narratives they have been given, over some seventy plus years of Hollywood history, about PoC. They’ve been told for decades that PoC ain’t nothing but “the help” They dont know how to think of PoC as just regular people, rather than “people who must be useful to whiteness”.