Why do white people try to say that Africans owned slaves to counteract the atrocities they committed in the Americas

Like slavery in Africa was nowhere near like how white people did with the transatlantic slave trade. They actually treated people like human beings, like indentured servitude.

White people were straight up hanging black people from trees to the point that hard solid branches broke from the weight. They whipped the skin from their backs. They sexually assaulted men women and children. They made them perform agricultural duties without break from sun up to sun down. When slavery was abolished, plantation owners casually didn’t tell slaves because they wanted help with their crops for another year or two.

And this isn’t even regarding how many black people died on the ship ride over here from malnutrition, disease and shock from being layered on top of each other. There are sharks that have had their feeding routes permanently disrupted due to the hundreds upon hundreds of black bodies thrown overboard trying to get to america

Chattel slavery is and will always be the most sick and twisted shit ever that was perpetuated by white people in america and to act as if it was okay or should be disregarded and not discussed because there was another form of slavery elsewhere is intellectually dishonest and shows that you don’t give a fuck about either of them.

The problem is that they want to think of themselves as good people, when any rational human being reads about the sheer nastiness of the atrocities that were committed, has no choice but to either pretend it didn’t happen, or lie about it, if they want to still think of themselves as “good”. 

It’s why every lie, every form of denial, and every justification boils down to feeling good about themselves. There’s no possible fucking way you can know about what was done to black people and still consider yourself a good person. The alternative is the madness we’ve seen so many white people decide to embrace, instead.