So R*ylo fans have begun to speculate a love triangle between Kylo/Rey/Finn due to some alleged force bond between Ren and Rey and that she’ll have some sort of twisted sense of loyalty to him due to him saving her from the KoR. They believe her to be disillusioned with Luke for abandoning her so she’ll seek esteem from the only man whose “worthy” and capable of saving her. Finn will then have to prove himself. All this because the film is being described as dark and unexpected. Thoughts?


Anything that can be prefaced with “so r*ylo fans have begun to speculate…” is full, utter, complete, unmitigated, festering, stinking, covered in liquid shit garbage. It’s all nonsense. Don’t waste your time or energy on it.

Yeah, the word for fan speculation, without any kind of logical or rational  antecedent, is "fan wankery”. SW fandom seems to suffer from this real bad.