American Media is all about demonizing black people

At the Pittsburgh Zoo the family was white. The parenting was questioned but never was the parents background looked into.

The family sued for their childs death in the accident and the zoo settled…

When I found out that the family was black, I suddenly realized why so many of my friends cared more about the gorilla than the life of the child.

And I keep telling everybody that even though I don’t have kids, I know that in a blink of an eye they can slip your grip and be out of sight. Fuck, my cousins got into the hyena exhibit at the zoo in Houston like ten years ago. Nobody went off on my aunt and uncle about their autistic, twin boys getting into the hyena exhibit, nobody suggested that my aunt and uncle lose their children or that my cousins should have been allowed to be killed by the animals…anti-blackness and white superiority are dripping off of the headlines of so many click bait articles, waiting to demonize a family for an accident.

I know, it was an endangered gorilla but do you care about that shit when you’re consuming products that contribute to the loss of life and habitat of wild gorillas or are gorilla lives only important when you weigh them against the lives of Black people?

Most parents on my fb are saying the same. You blink and kids find the most dangerous things to get into.

I have a twin nieces that are 9 and another niece that will be 2. If they are bored or want attention they do things that has accidently put themselves danger.

And as for the animal piece, a black man with mental illness was shot to death by police in front of his father in Pgh for stabbing the police dog that attacked him.

The dog was given an officers funeral.

Some white people take any and every opportunity they can to vilify black people and express their racism. Many of them are still too chickenshit to openly display their anti-blackness, but will latch onto subjects near it and claim that’s what they’re reallyupset about, while giving white people, who are close to the same subject, a pass.