You know what recent TV Trope I hate? Shows/movies where the Morally Ambiguous White Protagonist has two love interests, one white and the other non-white.

And the white love interest is being portrayed as the Good Girl, the ideal, innocent and sweet, treated with gentleness and chivalry by the main character, someone the protagonist could be with if he stopped giving in to the darker parts of his nature.

Meanwhile the non-white love interest is even more morally unambiguous than the protagonist, if she isn’t an outright bad guy. She’s the one who ‘gets’ him, the one he can be his bastard self with because she can handle it, the Bad Girl who’s never treated with gentleness, the Mysterious Old Flame that’s always trying to get him to abandon his good intentions while having her own agenda.

I’m tired of Hollywood only casting non-white women as love interests who aren’t presented as the Happily Ever After.

Yeah, you can say Daredevil.