its just sad, no matter how much of a victim a BW can be, we still end up being slandered and stereotyped. Sick.

People who aren’t black women should shut the fuck up about how black women should exist. Stay the fuck in your lane.

ya’ll please send her love on twitter. this is ridiculous 

She was baited by MTV from the beginning. Jenna was clearly only casted because of her racist thoughts. In Jenna’s first video she talked about the confederate flag and how she basically loved it. 

When she came in that house the first thing out of her mouth to Ceejai and Dean were, “You are different from the colored people in my town. They’re always angry.” Or some shit like that. MTV never stopped or interfered when she was getting called racist names. Jenna’s friend even called Ceejai a “nappy headed ho” and told her to “go pick cotton” They set her up. Real World producers are always setting Black women up to be humiliated. They run “The Bad Girls Club” too. 

Ceejai is so sweet. She’s had a rough life and she didnt deserve this. The first time that girl attacked Ceejai, MTV should’ve sent her home and they didnt. That fight would’ve been avoided. Fuck MTV for setting her up like this and then sending her home. They didnt even do a reunion. 

Im so tired of Black women getting attacked with “ratchet” and “ghetto” every time they stand up for themselves. While Jenna is getting defended??? Thats insane. Its always the dirtiest, nastiest White people attacking Black girls too. Its sickening. Black women are supposed to “ignore” everything. While they get attacked??? PLEASE, SHUT UP.

The thing that pisses me off is CeeJai would’ve got vilified no matter what she’d done. If she didn’t defend herself, people would talk shit about her not defending herself. So she does defend herself and white people want to bust her  ass for that too. This was absolutely a no-win situation for her. (Every situation with white people as the judges, is no-win.)