Welcome to Asian American History Month 2016



The month of May in the US is Asian American History Month. I am getting a late start, so in all fairness it will run to June 12th on this blog.

Promised Posts on Asians and Asian Americans:

  • Black/Asian American race relations
  • Amy Tan
  • Asian brain drain
  • Black Women, Asian Men
  • yellowface
  • The Massie Affair

As Leigh has gently reminded me, the first one is long, long overdue! I will do at least that one, God willing, and hopefully three others as well.

chinese-in-americaIn honour of this month, I am reading Iris Chang’s “The Chinese in America” (2003) all the way through. I have read parts of it, but not the whole thing. At least three posts will come out of that. I also want to do one on Iris Chang herself.

If I can find my Amy Tan book – “The Joy Luck Club” (1989) – I will finish…

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