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I’m trying not to get too excited about the new Fall lineup of shows. Having been burned one too many times by Broadcast Network TV, (Hannibal, Sleepy Hollow), I’m  very reluctant to step into the waters of Network Fandom. nevertheless, I cant help but feel excited hearing about some shows. I don’t know if I’ll watch those shows, but I do like the IDEA of some of them.

I  outlined my problems with Broadcast TV on We Minored In Film:

Upfronts 2016: Do You Still Watch Broadcast TV Shows?

(From the comments. Please check out the article on  Kelly Konda’s blog. Its very informative.)

*The only show I regularly watch from the top three networks is Brk 99. Everything else is on CW, cable or streaming. CW is at least willing to try different things, show loyalty to a dedicated fan base by keeping a show until it’s natural end, or wait for a show to find an audience before canceling. It’s just come to my attention that Beauty and the Beast is still on TV. I thought it had been canceled long ago, but it has a loyal fan base who grew up with the show, so CW kept it.

Cable is also willing to aim shows squarely at women. I heard the new Nancy Drew got dumped because it skewed too female in its demographics? Wtf? It’s decisions like that that have people leaving broadcast TV, in droves, now.

I’ve been burned too many times by broadcast TV to even care anymore. I’m too wary of getting close to a show, only for it to be canceled. Hannibal had a dedicated, loyal fan base, but got canceled. I was a huge fan of that show. Had it been on cable, it would now be in its fourth season.

And cable shows are just more daring, more edgy, they’re willing to take the risk on things like The Walking Dead, and Preacher, and Penny Dreadful. Broadcast networks idea of risky is a talking dog. Or a pillow? C’mon.

Watching Network shows is like being forced to visit your grandmas house with the smell of old soup, bowl of old hard candy on the coffee table, old 80s detective shows on the TV, while sitting on plastic covered furniture. You love grandma but it’s not your preferred weekend place.

Watching Cable is like visiting you new cousin’s house, with the big screen TV, surround sound, great food, and endless beer, during the Super Bowl.

The two don’t compare.




This looks really interesting mostly because I really like Hayley Atwell. The one huge drawback for me is that I do not watch shows about lawyers. I consider shows about lawyers to be overly melodramatic , and I’m too busy rolling my eyes at the actors, to enjoy any of them.

Plus, shows about lawyers are overdone, on broadcast television. It’s boring,  safe programming, that doesn’t challenge the viewer’s mental agility overmuch. Lawyer shows are like Dan Brown’s books. These shows are designed to make people look smart, when they say they watch them, without actually making them smarter.


Still Star Crossed: 

I do like Shakespeare though, and this looks as interesting as Baz Luhrman’s movie version of Romeo and Juliet, with less music. It helps that it’s diverse, and not about cops or lawyers. And its from Shondaland, so I’m going to be there for this.





nope inappropriate animated GIF


I wasn’t that big a fan of the original series, so I was feeling lukewarm about a remix. As soon as I saw the smug, blandly handsome face of the lead character , I just noped  right the fuck out of this production. I hated him within the first 30 seconds of the trailer. I know trailers seem designed to make you hate something before it airs, but really, if I can’t get past the trailer, I’m certainly not going to watch an hour of that face.

Plus, the original had the virtue of novelty. MacGuyvering has become so much a part of the English language, there’s no more surprise to it. I can get the same thrill watching a  DIY show.



Training Day:

I really like Bill Paxton, a lot, but he ain’t no Denzel Washington. Denzel made Training Day what it was. This doesn’t look, bad but once again, it’s a watered down, middle of the road, cop show, that’s not nearly as edgy and challenging as the movie, nor can it be, on broadcast television. I’d rather just watch the original film. You can’t reproduce the magic of this type of film on broadcast TV. That’s what HBO and Cinemax are for.



Lethal Weapon:

I loved the Lethal Weapon movies, but there is a certain kind of magic that can only be captured in a certain time, and place, by certain actors. Once again, just like Training Day, it’s watered down to be bland and palatable, and appeal to as many people as possible. Damon Wayans is not unfunny but he’s just not good enough.



This just looks boring. I expect lots and lots and lots of talking, and then maybe some cross waving, and some more talking.



Just No.



Meh! Not feeling it. Its not bad, but I wasn’t a fan of the original movie. I think this suffers from the same problem that all these remakes from 80’s movies are suffering from: There were better budgets and actors in the originals.

Lethal Weapon, Rush Hour, Frequency…why is television remaking movies from twenty and thirrty years ago, that were either too iconic, or edgy, to ever be good on TV, or were mediocre films,that nobody cared about. Whatever happened to adapting books? That’s what cable is doing and so far they’ve been pretty good at it.

While we’re on the subject, I’d love it if cable television would do a series version of Mad Max. Done well, it could rival The Walking Dead.

If its done well, which means NOT on broadcast television.


So, I’m not real enthused about the new fall season on regular TV. I will tune in to catch some f the superhero shows on CW, because those shows are kind of fun. I’ll be back for extra seasons of shows I’m already watching, too.



5 thoughts on “Talking About : New Fall SHows

  1. Thanks for the fall TV breakdown, lkeke.

    LMAO @ that MacGuyver gif. Didn’t like the first one, not watching this one. Not watching any of the movie adaptations either. I tend to compare them to the original and it’s all downhill from there. I still hope they do better than Rush Hour. Ouch…

    I’m the kind of viewer who watches for the cast even more than I do the story (which is why I can’t quit J2, I mean SPN) and I’m not feeling the actresses for Still Star Crossed (the actors either), Timeless (had my feel of her on Rectify and is that Patty Spivot from The Flash, nope!) and Frequency (had my fill of Captain Cold’s sister on The Flash too).

    I’m also a fall in love at first sight kind of girl. I give shows exactly 5 minutes to hook me. The one exception is Supergirl because I’m positively predisposed towards the Superverse (Superman was the only superhero I cared about before The (new) Flash happened) and I was determined to like it lol. Thanks heaven for David Harewood and Calista Flockhart. Still don’t care about Supergirl and Jimmy Olsen but Hank and Cat make that show.

    So… since none of these Fall actresses are grabbing me, pass on everything. I’m very demanding of my actors and yeah… Also dumping the hot, steaming pile of mess that is Quantico.

    Glad the CW renewed all my shows (Jane, Flash, izombie) so I still have things to watch on Network TV this Fall aside from Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Empire. Just sad, sad, sad about losing Nashville. Never had any hope for The Family and Sleepy Hollow s canceled in my heart.

    I guess that frees up some time for reading lol.

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  2. myfaketvboyfriend

    i will probably try Exorcist, Timeless, and Frequency-as I did like the movie. I hated the show McGyver, the movie too-so I wont be even looking at the trailer. Law shows-MEH

    Loved Parks and Rec. I need to buy all the seasons as i didnt get into it till the last year DOH!

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  3. jennnanigans

    On McGuyver – “As soon as I saw the smug, blandly handsome face of the lead character , I just noped right the fuck out of this production.”

    THIS. Yes, I watched the trailer and it was like being shotgunned in the face with douchebaggery. I think he was trying to go for the confidence of ‘I can make anything out of anything and am never afraid’ and instead came off as a monstrously overconfident sociopath. And you are right – anything McGuyver can do I can do after watching a Youtube video, which undermines the mystique of the original.

    Right there with you on Network TV shows. One has to get a LOT of great buzz before I’ll check it out (like Parks & Rec, rest its soul). Haven’t watched Brooklyn 99 yet but I keep meaning to check it out.

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    1. ‘being shotgunned in the face with douchebaggery.’

      THIS! Right here! I love that line!

      I absolutely hated the California, dudebro hair, the smirk, the whole shebang.

      Okay, i’m going to try to finish my post on Brooklyn 99. As a general rule I do not watch sitcoms, but I do watch The 99. (Parks & Rec is cool too.)

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