Into the Badlands News

Great news! (Well, I’m happy.)

Into the Badlands has been renewed for a second season and is probably to return sometime in early 2017!

4 thoughts on “Into the Badlands News

  1. Yes Into the Badlands has many good qualities to recommend itself to viewers, especially the total reliance of the various Baron’s armies on melee weapons. Especially with the current issue of gun violence.
    This, however raises a question. How could society not fall without missile weapons. The first missile weapons, poorly thrown rocks, used by our ape ancestors against large predators are millions of years old. The sling is thousands of years old and the bow and arrow, the first true long range weapon is nearly ten thousand years old. The spear is 400,000 years old and has probably been purpose- thrown for 20,000 years.
    Knowing this, any force composed solely of men with hand weapons is mincemeat against another force with even several dozen bows. Now if you add in hand weapons of their own, can you say post- apocalyptic Agincourt.
    While the characters who serve the Barons are in some cases excellent role models, they don’t represent a true solution, which is control over the use of weapons that have been with man and his ancestors since time immemorial.

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    1. There is some interesting world building going on in this series. Not all of the questions we have about it are being answered.

      Perhaps projectile weapons are outlawed or only melee weapons are used because there are so few people left in this world that they don’t want to risk so many lives in all out warfare between each other. But that’s just me theorizing.

      Its pretty much been relegated to The Clippers to keep order, in this world as the Barons seem unwilling to risk the lives of the cogs in open warfare. You see what happened when the cogs at the Baron’s estate ran off. Open warfare interferes with production and maybe some of the Barons have learned this lesson?

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  2. I’ve been thinking of checking this show out. I’ve read a few good things about it (and I like the fact that it seems to be diverse and inclusive, especially regarding Asian actors).

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    1. It is pretty inclusive. My reviews are a little snarky but That doesn’t mean I didn’t love it. Plus it’s one of the most different things on TV, a martial arts, alternate-world, steampunk looking, post-apocalyptic, drama. It’s got an extremely diverse cast with an Asian lead, and a non-white, interracial romance.

      It’s worth checking out even if you don’t get addicted.


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