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 Most of the time I spend online looking at pretty serious stuff, but on Tumblr there’s all kinds of silly, funny stuff, that ends up in my Tumblr feed, that I wouldn’t normally seek out on my my own, (or even know how.) Right now, there’s a great deal of Hannibal silliness in my feed, which I’ll do a post about soon, but for now:


Just some of the all-around silliness that I’m enjoying in my Tumblr feed, like:

Ridiculous personal stories. When you reach a certain point just scream Khan! at the top of your lungs:



Get to preschool today to pick up the little one, and her teachers greet me by way of saying, “So, there was an … incident. And Z is wearing entirely new clothes.”
At my unimpressed face, the other teacher butts in, “It’s not what you think!” (peeing her pants)
“There was a disagreement over who got to use a climbing toy. Another child took umbrage with her claim to it… Aaaaannnnnnd then threw an entire bucket of water on her.”

I absolutely burst out laughing. Which got them laughing. And other parents in the area laughing. And most of them look really sheepish for it.

As we’re driving away I ask Z who it was. “Santos,” she responds.

Of course it was Santos.

Santos is her arch-nemesis: they have an absolutely hilarious rivalmance thing going on. Both are the youngest child of several older siblings, same personality, same absolutely-never-give-up-ever thing. Either they love each other to death or need to be cordoned off on opposite sides of the building – there is never an in-between.

As we drive out of the parking lot Z asks me, “Where is he?”, I tell her I have no idea, as he left preschool before us. Turns out he walks home, and when I get out onto the road I spy him and his dad on the sidewalk. I point them out to her as we pass by.

“Roll down my window! Roll it down!” she says. I do. Then she waves happily to get Santos’ attention, and once she’s sure he’s looking at her, she balls up her fist and screams out the window, “SAAAANNNTTOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSS!” at the top of her lungs.

Once we’ve passed him she turns back to me and very calmly says, “Alright, you can roll up my window now.


Brilliant take-downs of   racial foolishness:

9 paragraphs. Over 200 words. One man almost shitting himself with rage that a black actor or a WOMAN might get to play a fictional character.


I have to agree with the article. If it’s not written with the original design then how can it hold credibility at being a bond movie? Would we all still flock to cinemas to watch a 3 foot midget Bond?

You’re right of course, there’s absolutely no way in which an actor with a condition that restricts their height could play a charming, resourceful and ruthless character from a beloved series of books in such a way as to command the love and devotion of audiences of millions across the world, in a major production, and be a huge draw based on their performance.


No that could never ever happen.

(Please visit “pointless – letters”. They are on point!)
Pictures! Lots and lots of pictures of Black Panther..er, I mean Chadwick Boseman.

Chadwick Boseman for Flaunt Magazine




 I love all of them but these are my two favorite characters from Brooklyn 99. Holt because he’s the one I’m most like and Rosa because she’s the person I’d most like to be. This post is also the reason why Holt is the absolutely wrongest person for Rosa to get dating advice from:


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