Black Fictional Lives Matter Too: On Black Pain and Black Death in ‘Civil War’

Sublime Zoo

Full disclosure: I was not what you would call “woke” until 2014.

Specifically August 9, 2014. The day Michael Brown was unjustly gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri.

I wasn’t asleep, per say. I had peeped what had happened to Trayvon Martin back in 2012. I had peeped how a simple trip to the corner store cost him his life. I had peeped that doing ANYTHING while Black could cost one their life. I had even peeped how the system had let his sadistic killer (he who I shall not name because his worth is equal to a speck of dust in my eyes as compared to Trayvon) get off scot-free.

I peeped it all.

I moved on. I internalized it and moved on because frankly, I wasn’t ready to unpack everything that I needed to properly understand why it was all so fucked up.

However, Michael Brown wasn’t as easy…

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