Supernatural : Don’t Call Me Shurley

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Well, there was some intense mythology in this episode. Delivering on the promise of reintroducing God to the series, this is the moment some of us have been waiting for all season, while putting up with uninspired episodes like The Chitters. The Chitters had some good moments, but those have been covered, very well, by other bloggers and I was getting bored of reviewing unrelated Monster of the Week episodes. But this episode was very worthy.

Some people might call this fan service but I don’t care, because I got a lot of fiddly little questions answered tonight, along with gaining a new respect (any respect, actually), for Metatron, which is saying something, as Metatron normally doesn’t inspire an ounce of respect.

This episode is divided into two sections. We watch Sam and Dean on a case in Hope Springs Idaho, dealing with Amara’s Soul-Sucking Fog, which makes people be…

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