May is Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month

This is Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage month, so out of solidarity with these many groups, I’m going to signal boost and post links to posts and blogs celebrating Asian culture.

If you’re not in this, there have been some complaints that Asian Americans are too silent about what happens to them in this country and that Black people aren’t doing enough to promote their causes. So the #notyourmule hashtag was started as a rebuke to people making such claims. If you’ve never made such claims, then this is not on you. If you have… Stop it!

Black people know what it means to be good allies though, since we made up some of the rules for how to do it correctly, and that’s what I am going to do. I can’t speak for all black people either. This is just how my conscience lets me sleep at night. The way I see it, I’m not Asian or Pacific Islander, and can’t speak for these cultures. I feel the same way about white women trying to speak for woc, or straight people speaking for LGBT people. That’s not cool.

Black people are too busy fighting out own battles about  stuff that’s important to us. We can’t take care of our business and other peoples business too, and only Asian Americans can define what they think is important enough for them to call attention to. For example, I’d noticed the stereotypes, but hadn’t  noticed Asian erasure issues, until it was pointed out to me, on the Nerds of Color website.

What black people can do, though, is support and back your shit up, when you step out there, though. We can choose to be good allies.

That said, I like this new Twitter activism I’ve seen  from some prominent members in the Asian community, though. (Feels good donit, fellas?! Good, but terrifyin’, too! When you speak up and let people know they’re stepping on your toes, anything could happen.) Asian people  have shit  they want to get off their chests, and since I’m not Asian, there are things  I won’t even see, that would be of primary concern to the hundreds of Asian American cultures in existence. I believe in letting people speak for their own needs, while I provide a signal boost and backup. That’s what I can do.

In the spirit of signal boosting, Uncle George has something to say:


(Note: When I post links, I try only to link to safe sites, that are not triggering to any readers. It should be okay to visit these sites, where there will be a minimum of racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic nonsense, but I can’t speak for the comment sections. Those should be approached at your own risk.)


A roundup of posts at Nerds of Color:

Hollywood’s <i>Strange</i> Erasure of Asian Characters

Tilda Swinton Teaches Doctor Strange the Mystical Asian Stuff

<i>Battle Angel Alita</i> Lead Role Once Again Devoid of Asian American Prospects

Live-Action <i>Akira</i>: An All-Asian American Dream Cast

N.O.C. One-Shot: Whitewashing in Black and Yellow

And some activism:

Margaret Cho, always fully loaded, is tearing it up!



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