Sexiest Voices II (Part Two)

I always planned a part two on this topic, because it was fun the first time, and I like looking at pictures of cute guys. Once again, I’m going to focus on the men, because I can’t think of any women’s voices that I’ve ever paid any attention to. So if you’re a guy, you’re gonna have to make your own list of women.


Laurence Fishburne:  

Has been one of my favorite voices to fall asleep to since he starred with Christopher Walken in The King of New York (1990). Now, I’d seen him in other things before, most notably as Curtis the Cowboy on Pee Wee’s Playhouse, but his voice  hadn’t fully developed yet. Lawrence is one of those actors who had to grow into his voice. Contrast his authoritative voice in The Matrix, with the very high pitched,  juvenile voice, heard in Apocalypse Now.


George Takei:

I blame George Takei for my…uhhm, how do I put this? Bias? Predilection? Penchant? Preoccupation? For Asian men. Yeah, I blame George for this. Of course, him being sweaty, shirtless and waving a sword around on the original Star Trek, doesn’t help either. What’s hilarious to me, is that his voice isn’t a reflection of his personality, at all. He has that gruff Japanese manner of speaking but doesn’t seem as melancholy as most native born Japanese men, like Ken Watanabe, often appearing to be quite chipper in his demeanor.


Liam Neeson:

I would love to have Liam exercise his particular set of vocal skills, to call my house, and tell me how he’s going to use those skills to save MY life. He’s old enough to be my Dad but I don’t care because if he was my dad, I’d have him sing lullabies to me every night. (Yeah, no! I don’t have a daddy fetish. Get your mind out of the gutter.)


Jason Statham:


I almost never understand a word this man is saying, but I like the sound of it anyway. Also known as The Great Mumbler, he has all the acting skills to match his articulate manner of speaking. Still, its  very sexy mumbling though, and since he mostly stars in action movies, you don’t need to know what he’s saying, anyway. I mean…it’s an action movie. If you are paying close attention to the dialogue, than the action part of the movie has failed.

John Boyega:


I first encountered John in the movie Attack the Block.  Its definitely the accent that makes him sound sexy. Apparently, I’ve got a thing for British accents. In Star Wars, he managed a very good American Midwestern accent, and it just didn’t have the same effect. Track his voice as he gets oder. it will only get better. (So yeah, British men are my thing, I guess.)


Antonio Banderas:

I never paid any attention to this man until he starred, alongside Brad Pitt, in Interview with the Vampire. Ohh, that voice! It was like honey.  With a warmth and clarity, that was all goodness. Antonio made me forget Brad Pitt was  in that movie. That accent doesn’t hurt either. (You should be noticing a trend here.)


Denzel Washington:


The inclusion of Denzel, to this list, is a law that doesn’t invite discussion or debate. Who doesn’t think this man has a sexy voice? C’mere! Cuz I will fightchew! No. I’m not going to find you a clip of Denzel.  You’re going to have to go watch one of his many films.


Viggo Mortensen:

I first noticed Viggo in G.I. Jane. It was the chin because, hey! you’ve seen it! But I didn’t love the voice until he starred in The Prophecy, along with, once again, Christopher Walken. Fuck that Lucifer televsion show, the sexiest Lucifer ever is in this movie ,and if you haven’t watched it, go check it out immediately. (That shit is deep!) Not only does he get all the best lines, he’s scary as Hell and also manages to get in  a little singing.


Karl Urban:

Until the Star Trek reboot, I had never heard of Karl Urban, and didn’t have much idea of what he would be like as Bones McCoy. I definitely wasn’t expecting what I got. He sounds so uncannily like the original Deforest Kelly, that it gave me goosebumps. He didn’t just capture the attitude and vocal inflections, he managed to capture something of the original timbre, as well. And yet, its not mimicry. He still managed to  make the character his own.


Tony Todd:


Tony Todd has starred in absolutely everything from Candyman, where I first heard of him, waaay back in the 80’s, to the remake of Night of the Living Dead, to the latest Final Destination sequel. He is the King of Horror movies and his voice is absolutely unmistakable.


Javier Bardem:

I had some idea who Javier was, but hadn’t paid any attention to him until he starred in No Country for Old Men, as the assassin Anton Chigurh. The his portrayal of Silva in Skyfall, pretty much cemented my love for him. his voice is so versatile. He was gruffly terrifying in No Country, but smooth and silkily menacing in SkyFall. (Yeah, its yet another man with a strong Hispanic accent. What’s up with that?)


Patrick Stewart:

Okay, I’ve  mixed it up a bit and threw in another English accented fellow. (Australian accents aren’t considered sexy unless its Hugh Jackman.) But Patrick Stewart’s voice is classically trained, with a depth and precision that I just love listening to.


Tim Curry:

Okay, I’m gonna have to jog back my last statement about Viggo Mortensen being the sexiest Lord of Darkness evah. Viggo is only the second greatest Lord of Darkness. The first would be this guy, Tim Curry.    Tim was the best, the only, and most memorable reason to see this movie. If you haven’t seen Legend, just fast forward through all the parts that involve Tom Cruise,  and go directly to Tim Curry’s scenes.


Mads Mikkelsen:

Ya, know, I had to shoutout to my boy Mads as Hannibal Lecter. And, oooh guess what? He has an accent!

Ha ha, he’s  Danish! So there! (Although there may be slightly less smugness once we all realize that Viggo Mortensen is also Danish, so yeah.)

Honorable Mentions:

Christopher Walken – Not so much sexy as clearly distinctive. Everyone knows Chris’ voice.


Keith David – Another deep,  rich, and highly distinctive voice, starring in Pitch Black, They Live and The Thing.


Ron Perlman – A beautifully rich and versatile voice. First as The Beast from the 80’s Beauty and the Beast , later starring as  Hellboy.




And a special shoutout to Kevin Grevioux  who stars as the werewolf  “Raze” in the 2003 movie, Underworld, and is the director of “I, Frankenstein”. Yes, he really does sound like that!



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    Laurence Fishburn has always been my favorite voice….and then the Matrix came out and I must have watched that movie 100x!

    You left out one—Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester …… 🙂

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