For those of you wondering what all the hoopla was about last night, the Queen Bey (Beyonce) dropped her new album, and a long form video, with spoken word poems and music, on HBO, and Tidal. The album is inspirational, spiritual, and dedicated to Black women.

I don’t have the video which is more than an hour long. But it’s a gorgeous visual poem featuring songs from the album and the poetry of Somali poetess, Warsan Shire. The songs cover many styles of music, from Rock to Country. Beyonce talks about her personal relationships and love, early in the video, but later segues into inspiring words and spiritual stories and advice to black mothers, sisters, daughters.

The video has a cast of famous Black females, like Amandla Stenberg, Quvanzhane Wallace, and the mother of Trayvon Martin. People are still analyzing and parsing the video and I’ll have more about that analysis later this week.  The entire thing  was very emotional for me and a lot of other women. It was basically a long poem about how black women are NOT  the unloved, the unlovable and the unloving creatures of the prevailing racist narrative, and that is a beautiful thing for everyone to hear, if you ask me.

Tumblr (and Twitter) are the fastest responders, so here is some of what’s being said  on Tumblr.

This is a link to The artist and poems spoken in the video :




Sorry if this link doesn’t work. The video is available on Vimeo. Keep in my mind it’s an hour long.


I knew who Becky was the moment  Beyonce  mentioned her name. 😆😆😆

No, I don’t think we should tell this writer who Becky is! Let them figure it out.


And finally:



















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  1. Definitely reblogging the Lemondade gifset.
    I love the back story behind the title of the album. Inspirational. Yoncé outdid herself. Been stanning for her since No, No, No and she keeps getting better.

    “Don’t tell them sh*t” about Becky. LMAO! All I know is that Rachel better take the stairs at the MET Gala. Solange is in the elevator. * sips *

    Thank you for the Lemonade coverage, lkeke. I was all over Self Titled and I felt like I was missing out on this one because I didn’t have enough time.

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