Lemonade Linkfarm

<Please see the first post on Lemonade before visiting the links.>

I’m still reeling from the video. I’m a little verklempt! I have to catch up with myself here, so:

Here’s a handy linkspam to all things Lemonade, if you’re up for some reading. Some places, like the Huffington Post, totally got it. Their analysis was on point, some of them, like the previous one mentioned  at Bustle.com, were a little clueless, but most critics loved it, and of course, she slayed her fans.








A List of songs from Lemonade:

Pray You Catch Me

Hold Up

Dont Hurt Yourself


6 Inch

Daddy Lessons (This is the country song everyone’s talking about.  I loved this one. I don’t even listen to country music.

Love Drought

Sandcastles (This is the one that made everyone cry, including me.)

Forward (An anthem for the future.)

Look But Don’t Touch




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