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Once again people are discussing media depictions of PoC, and how representation matters.





I was reading this article that was complaining about people should be more focused on bringing characters that were originally conceived as POC to the screen than on recasting white characters as POC.

Which I actually agree with.

But in the same article the writer complained (I’m paraphrasing) “If you cast a black guy as Tony Stark, no one will think of him as Tony Stark, they’ll always think of him as Black Tony Stark.”

I have to point out a big flaw in that logic:


Everyone in the older generation thinks of Obama as “the black president.” You know who doesn’t think of Obama as “the black president”? 10 year olds. Obama is the only president they can remember. He got elected when they were two.

There are children who listen to Fall Out Boys’ “Centuries” and don’t know they borrowed the opening riff from Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner.” As far as they’re concerned, that’s Fall Out Boy’s riff.

There are children who don’t remember that The Rock was Dwayne Johnson’s wrestling name.

My favorite version of  A Christmas Carol is The Muppet Christmas Carol. I don’t care how Bob Cratchit was written in the original story because as far as I’m concerned, the real Bob Cratchit is a bright green frog puppet that’s my canon you can’t stop me.

There are a dozen incarnations of every possible comic book character. And every vigilante superhero we read about today is based on the original vigilante superhero – The Scarlet Pimpernel. There is no real version, there is only your favorite version. Every version that isn’t your favorite is going to feel fake to you.

But it’s going to feel real to someone.

Nick Fury, I’m just saying.

If we went back to white Nick Fury, it would just be fucking WEIRD

John Stewart is my Green Lantern. I was so HAPPY to have someone other than Hal.

Also, J’onn J’onnz is always a black man in his secret human identity to me. ALWAYS.

Another discussion about how truly progressive the original Star Trek was. I liked this one:











Am I the only one that’s a just a tiny bit pissed off that this is still an issue?

The Original Series wasn’t even in the general VICINITY of fucking around yo

How many shows these days would do this, and do it this way? These days, it would be all, “Ohh, we have to be sensitive and show the nuances of each side” and try not to make either side seem wrong. It wouldn’t be clearly spelled out, “pro-choice is right, if you’re against it you’re the bad guys.”

Jim Kirk is not here for your anti-birth-control, anti-choice, pro-death-penalty BS

James Tiberius Kirk was written and portrayed as a feminist and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Yep.  That episode is exactly what you think it is:  pro-birth control, pro-population control, pro-choice, and pro-women’s right to choose.  And yes, Kirk, the supposed playboy of the spaceways, is in favor of all of the above.

It was written and aired in 1969.

It probably couldn’t air today.


Also LMAO at all the sad whiny geek boys who are like “I miss the GOOD OLD DAYS of SCI-FI when it wasn’t all about SOCIAL ISSUES and instead it was just about MEN HAVING FUN IN SPACE. Like Star Trek! Star Trek wouldn’t put up with all this SOCIAL JUSTICE FEMINISM IN SCI FI bullshit!” And meanwhile I’m just over here like “…did you actually watch the show?”


It’s also important to bear in mind that the Original Series had a predominantly female fanbase, and during its initial run, was widely mocked and dismissed by mainstream (i.e., male) science fiction fans as being fake sci-fi for girls. It’s difficult to overstate the influence women had on the franchise in its early days; most of the early Star Trek conventions were organised by and for women, and indeed, those same organisers were primarily responsible for the massive letter-writing campaign that prevented the show from being cancelled after the 1968 season. Without that campaign, the episode pictured in this post would never have been made.

The popular image of James Kirk as a sleazy womaniser is part of a conscious effort to erase that history and render the franchise’s roots palatable to the misogynistic geekboys of the modern SF/F fandom.

For a summary of those points, see “Star Trek’s Underappreciated Feminist History” by Shannon Mizzi, which draws from Patricia Vettel-Becker’s “Space and the Single Girl: Star Trek, Aesthetics, and 1960s Femininity”.

And a gentle reminder that TOS was a Desilu production, which its board of directors voted to cancel after the second pilot due to cost concerns, a vote that Chairman Lucille Ball overruled. There is no Star Trek without Lucille Ball.

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I had always wondered  what would happen if Prince and the King of Pop ever collaborated on an album.

Michael Jackson reading a newspaper article about Prince, 1984.

Some good news today:





I loved this little post:



There is an entire series of these videos about why there are never any black women in horror movies. Some of these reasons are perfectly acceptable.



This was something I’d never even thought about people who identified as gay:

The amount of lesbians who know that they’re lesbians from a young age versus the amount of gay men who know that they’re gay from a young age shows a staggering difference in that most lesbians take way longer to realize that they’re gay.

Girls are told that dating men is supposed to be hard and essentially unfulfilling. That it’s normal to expend emotional and sexual labor without receiving anything or feeling anything in return. Girls are told that their attraction to men and relationships with men should be difficult and sometimes feel forced because men are so emotionally lacking or otherwise “hypermasculine”.

Realizing that you don’t like men because you’re gay versus just feeling emotionally exhausted or unable/unsure of how to “please” men is part of the reason why compulsory heterosexuality is so damaging. It forces many girls to continue to date men and to keep trying to feel attraction to them long after they’ve realized that there’s nothing there—particularly blaming themselves for the reasons why relationships with men don’t work out instead of thinking it’s an indicator of being gay, which most (though of course not all) gay men are able to recognize as an initial indicator.





Azealia Banks ’bout to get her ass in some trouble:

Azealia Banks and DeRay McKesson argue over gay slur on Twitter

Twitter fingers were flying on Friday night after rapper Azealia Banks and activist and Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay Mckesson began to fight over a certain 3-letter gay slur. After the exchange seen above in part, Banks then fired off a racial slur at McKesson.

i am so tired of her

Shes gotta go


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  1. “I was reading this article that was complaining about people should be more focused on bringing characters that were originally conceived as POC to the screen than on recasting white characters as POC.Which I actually agree with.”

    We were just talking about that…

    I understand what the user is saying about the new generation and the Tony Stark thing, The Obama comparison didn’t 100% work for me but it doesn’t stop me from understanding where the user is coming from.

    I believe there are more than enough of us to take on all of the fights and causes that matter to us and that it’s completely possible to multitask lol. I personally don’t care about traditionally white characters being cast as other races. Fine if it happens, don’t mind if it doesn’t. Not my fight but I most certainly will not get in the way of those who believe it’s important. I dare those who don’t care about the welfare of Black women to try and stop me from talking about misogynoir and the importance for Black women to drop kick the mule conditioning forced upon them and enforced by their community.

    LMAO @ that Azalea Banks discussion. She’s exhausting and I’ve never seen someone so thoroughly destroy their own career because they refuse to act like they have some sense. She doesn’t understand that you need Kanye credentials in order to justify that kind of attitude. And don’t get it twisted, people got tired of Yeezy eventually.


    1. Yeah, in order for Azealias level of wtf*ery to work, she needs to have Kanyes talent or level of fame, and she ain’t nowhere near that.
      Another person getting dragged on Tumblr for making anti-black statements, is MIA, who is of British Bangladeshi descent.

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      1. MIA deserves that dragging. Typical of those who never support Black causes but think Black people should be the mules who work for them. She’s got fame and a big mouth. She can start a movement if she cares about it. I like her music but she needs a stadium full of seats. She’ll die young messing with the Beyhive on Twitter. Keri Hilson has yet to recover.

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      2. Listen!!!!!

        I’m dying over hurr.

        No HBO 😥

        No livestream 😥

        I’m on the lemonade hashtag on Twitter and in the Lipstickalley watch thread catching a contact high.

        Tumblr will come through with the gifs and I’m on the prowl for hum… * watches over my shoulder *… links * coughs *

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