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article by Lori Lakin Hutcherson Even though the news is minutes old, I’m sure you’ve all heard by now. I still can’t process it fully, and am having serious trouble accepting it, but after following TMZ, then Huffington Post, then Rolling Stone and the New York Times reports, I have to. We all have […]

via R.I.P. Musical Master, Genius and Unforgettable Legend Prince — GOOD BLACK NEWS

I forgot to include this Master,on my playlist. Prince always had a permanent spot on my player, with his own folder, no less. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to see him in concert live, although I watched a few on television, and heard from people who attended His Majesty. It was wild just hearing about it from someone who’d seen him in person. I can’t imagine surviving the actual experience myself. I grew up listening as much to Prince as I did Michael Jackson, and I’m surely gonna miss him.

Well, time for some music!


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 I also want to add:

Dave Chappelle loved prince and did a skit on his show with Charlie Murphy chronicling Prince’s love of Basketball. Every time I see this skit, I’m reminded of all the things people didn’t know about him. One of those things is that, even at 5’2”,he was formidable basketball player.

My favorite part is the clear disdain Prince expresses towards people who can’t ball.








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  1. I was lucky to see Prince in 2015. He gave a surprise concert in Montreal and my best friend got me a ticket because she knows how much I love his music. I introduced her to “Raspberry Beret” lol. She’s the one who told me today that he passed. I thanked her for getting me to the concert. This is crazy. I just knew he was going to live old and have a gorgeous grey fro. I used to watch his concerts with my brothers because they loved him. I was scandalized by his moves, lol. I was a kid then. I don’t understand what happened. It was supposed to be a flu 😦

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