The New Twenty Dollar Bill


And the winner is:

Harriet Tubman!!!!

For those of you not living in the States, this is some seriously big shit for us! Most importantly it will seriously piss off all the bigots and misogynists simultaneously, (although I’m pretty sure there’s already a lot of overlap there anyway.)



7 thoughts on “The New Twenty Dollar Bill

  1. The significance of this to me is that America is not a country consisting of only blonde hair blue eyed white people, as Japanese people believe. America is not a white country, it is a people country. This woman’s history had to go far back into American history for her to be chosen.


  2. Tony!

    This is a very good step. It’s symbolic, but to me, it’s a step beyond symbolic. It doesn’t actually change anything about racism in the US, but it does honor the accomplishments of a black person…a black woman, by putting her image on one of our bills. To honor a woman, and a black woman at that, in such a way is historic. I just wish she was going on the front *and* the back. Sadly, Jackson will remain on the back of the bill.


    1. Yeah, I’ve had a couple of such moments just today. The new lead of the next Star Wars is an Asian woman, the M7 remix and now this. Whoo! I’m gonna need smelling salts!


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