Magnificent 7 Trailer:

Okay! Okay, lkeke! Breathe!

I’m totally geeking out about this! The new Magnificent Seven trailer starring Denzel Washington’s muttonchops!

I love a good Western, and I adore the original movie. True, this version cannot possibly approach the true greatness of the original Magnificent Seven, because I have a serious jones for Yul Brynner, and it also starred Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson, the full 60s, action-gods, pantheon. You can’t beat that! Not even with Denzel, although he comes close.

But this new one is directed by Antoine Fuqua, and arrives just in time for September, when I’ll be coming down from my Suicide Squad high, and I’m going to need something  to mellow me out until the release of  Rogue One, in December.

Yes, it’s a ridiculous action movie, but also looks like tons of fun.



And if you haven’t seen the Rogue One trailer yet:


It stars one of my favorite martial artists, Donnie Yen. And two  of my favorite actors Forrest Whittaker and Mads Mikkelson. Star Wars is doing some unusual things lately.   There’s still no WoC in it, but I’ll take what I can get with Star Wars (and perhaps one day, in a future far, far, away, someone in Hollywood will remember we live on this planet too.)😳



Oh, right…YAY!


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  1. I can’t wait to see M7. I’m a huge fan of the old school westerns. The trailer looks amazing. I hope they fit the instrumental from the original in there somewhere!
    (And totally irrelevant…holy cheezenips those be some mighty fine cowboys!)

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