‘Captain America: Civil War’ (Non-Spoiler) Review: Marvel’s Magnum Opus

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The ‘Kid from Brooklyn’ has returned for his third solo outing, and Civil War takes superhero storytelling, action and gravitas to another level. Captain America: Civil War is as good as you’d hope. In fact, its better. Here’s my non-spoiler review.

Captain America: Civil War is the ‘best superhero movie’ of all time. There I said it. That designation is sure to garner a lot of attention. Could it really be the best though? I’m sure that question is going through your head as you take in my bold statement. I hope my review sheds some light on why I feel the way I do and have made this audacious claim. You have to understand that Civil War is as bold as the statement I’ve just made. Its daring in its action, storytelling, scope and so much more. Captain America: Civil War subverts so many cliche tropes of the superhero…

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2 thoughts on “‘Captain America: Civil War’ (Non-Spoiler) Review: Marvel’s Magnum Opus

  1. jennnanigans

    I cannot wait. Cannot WAAAAAIIIIT. I read the intro to this and I’m too excited to finish reading the rest at the moment. But I can’t wait to finish it (i’m at work) and can’t WAIT to see the movie!

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