Musical Interlude

About a month ago, I featured a video from Beyonce called Formation. It was choreographed by Wildabeast (his videos are all on YouTube).

Just wanted to also showcase some music and videos I’ve been listening to/watching lately. I’m a huge Missy Elliot fan because she made rap music fun and funny again, and she’s so imaginative. I love this song because  it’s  just hilarious!

Anyway, this is WTF (Where They From) choreographed by Wildabeast. Check out the girl in the green baseball cap. She was the first dancer in the Formation video. Her moves are tight and I got mad respeck for her. She’s been on tour with Beyonce, as well.

The little ones are a dance troupe called The Lil’ Beasts. I don’t often think of Asian men and boys  dancing like this, but most of these videos put the thought that they can’t do it, right out of the  brain. The blonde guy, in the blue sweatpants, is named Josh. He’s wonderful to watch and is one of Wildabeasts favorite dancers. The Asian guy is Sean. He’s a very popular dancer and was featured in the Formation video, from before.


This next  video is Desssert by Dawin and choreographed by Tricia.  It’s a monumentally stupid song but I’m not on that because the world is full of dumb songs. I like the dancing though, especially that last young man. He’s such an attention queen! I love him!

Its amazing to me the kind of things that people can do with their bodies. I have nothing but admiration for them. I’m waaay too sick to dance like this without passing out.Just like with comedy, there’s no such thing as an inhibited dancer. The best dancers are totally fearless. You have to know your body, love your body, and love what it can do.



I don’t often listen to gangsta rap outside of  Tupac Shakur, but this next song seems to have captured me. I like music a lot lighter in tone and a little more dancey.  “O. G. Bobby Johnson” is like listening to a crime movie. If you have trouble with harsh language, and object to the *N*word, then be sure to turn off the volume, although you lose some of the effect of the dancing, as its choreographed to things that happen in the song. This is also choreographed by Wildabeast.

The lady at the beginning, dancing with Wildabeast, is named Jade and she’s a choreographer in her right. The little girl in black with the baseball cap is in one of the all girl Wildabeast dance troupes. I think she’s thirteen or so and her name is Kaycee.I also love how the audience just loves and supports the dancers, often loudly rooting for their favorite ones.




And finally, these two little girls (Taylor and Kyndall) give me life. I don’t like the song very much but they are so expressive and fun to watch.


I actually am a Kpop fan, but mostly K-hop. I get all the fun of listening to rap music cadences,  without having to hear any lyrics,  as I don’t speak Korean. But anyway, the Koreans put they shit down on the Formation song, and yes, I do recunize! That guy in the split white T-shirt is a joy to watch.


You can check out all of these videos, and many more like the, on YouTube.

Later, we’re gonna go back in time while I reminisce about some of my favorite R&B songs I grew up listening to (thanks Mom). Then, maybe some 80s songs I was on, as a teenager.


2 thoughts on “Musical Interlude

  1. Yeah, it’s interesting to listen to his songs and wonder about how prophetic it was. If it was just guessing because of the way he lived his life, or if it was self fulfilling.
    I got hooked on Missy when I first saw The Rain video.

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  2. I love Missy too. Fell in love with her when I first saw her in the Ladies Night Lil Kim video then she came out with Can’t Stand the Rain and I was HOOKED! She’s so amazingly talented and creative, there’s no other like her.

    I too listen to Pac lol. I believe All Eyes On Me is still the highest selling rap album of all time. And to think he recorded it in about 2 weeks (I’m obsessed with Death Row Records documentaries). Massively, massively talented, prolific, unique, and seemingly, aware he had little time on earth to do the things he wanted to do. The man was obsessed with his own death. He probably found the answer to his question now: “I Wonder If Heaven’s Got a Ghetto?”.

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