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No matter how much I think about it, I just can’t get over this isht. Here’s someone else on Tumblr, deftly echoing my thoughts on what happened to this show.

Although the show came close several times, I never did manage to recapture that initial giddyness I had during the first season. That season was awesome in its style, diversity, humor and tension. It had a stellar cast and the craziest plot on TV, which it seemed to fully embrace, and then everything slowly went downhill from there.

Season two was acceptable, but all over the place, as if the creators were trying to find their balance and had no fecking clue what to do to make things better. Did that imbalance have anything to do with the loss of one of the showrunners? Idk.

Season three is a noticeable drop off from season one, and featured one of the worse episodes ever. Plots points that were introduced and went no where, villains I had a great deal of fun just mocking, and worst of all, the egregious teasing of a romantic relationship between Crane and Abbie, just to keep us watching a mediocre show, only to pull the wool out from under us in the finale.

Even the actors themselves seems to not care as much, especially when compared to Tom Mison’s usual enthusiasm, which had the unintended side-effect of making his character look ridiculous. Several times the show came close to season one levels, most often only in those moments between Crane and Abbie. They were the reason we sat through every bad, convoluted, and non-scary plot this season, even though the show had begun to reach its previous levels of diversity.

In the immortal words of Wayne Brady (as host of The Chappelle Show):  “Does Wayne Brady/lkeke have to choke a bitch?”

Yep! Sometimes you just do.

Fandom makes itself very clear about why they watch any show. If you’re a showrunner who follows and interacts with your fandom, don’t do what these showrunners did. Your ass will get dragged.


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  1. Ikeke35, I too was giddy about Sleepy Hollow the first season. The story was creative, fun, and I was looking forward to seeing an African American female lead in a supernatural type prime time TV show. But during the last two episodes of the first season, I received a survey from FOX about the show and there were a few questions that made me think that the show was focused on other things than telling a good story. The survey was short, about 10-15 questions, but most of the questions revolved around how physically attractive I found the lead characters and the names of the characters in the show. There were very little questions about the theme of the show, what parts of the show I liked or disliked, or others that I believe would have given them ideas on where to take the show. I watched a little of the second season, but I couldn’t forget about the questions on the viewer survey. I’m not a huge fan of FOX. Hopefully another station will pick this show up if it gets canceled and actually get it right.

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  2. They’re just clueless! IF, and that’s a very big If, then the fourth season will be their last season. Most of the diehard fans will boycott the show ( the casual ones have already left), and the creators don’t seem to understand that.

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