Hunters (Syfy Network)

I did watch the first episode of Hunters and I was not impressed. Its not a bad show, and I will probably watch it next week but I hated the drama and emotionalism because it wasn’t well acted. I was inundated with scenes I just didn’t care about because no character had been established for the characters, yet I was expected to give a damn that two people are having sex or a fight. I  didn’t hate the show, but I didn’t like it neither, or maybe I was just tired. Idk.

But this review, which I hadn’t been planning to read, helped me figure a few things out and now I’m sure I’ll watch the next episode,even though I’m still not sure I’ll like it. (I wasn’t planning to do that before.)

Rather than relive the episode tho’, I’ve decided to farm this review out to someone who is actually getting paid to sit through this kind of stuff.