Supernatural : Hell’s Angel

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This episode was written by Buckner and Ross-Leming. We all know I’ve had my problems with these two writers playing fast and loose with the mythology of the show, but  when held to a tighter rein, these two can sometimes turn in a decent, sometimes even good, story. Tonight we get a Castiel/Lucifer story (Whats the new name now? Cassifer? Lucstiel?), which I’m looking forward to.

So far, the show has just been sort of  vamping along, in its mid season, not getting the fans too revved up or excited about the major plot line of the season. Perhaps we can get back to being focused on that in this episode, otherwise I’m going to forget what the season is about.


Crowley procures the Horn of Joshua. Since I missed the episode where he got free of Lucifer  (probably the one called Beyond the Mat), I have no idea where…

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