Geeking Out About : Preacher and Friends

I’m cautiously optimistic about this show, coming to AMC, soon.

I haven’t read the entire series but I’m familiar enough about the plot and characters to be looking forward to what AMC will do with this new graphic novel franchise, considering how well they’ve done with Into the Badlands, and The Walking Dead.

Check it out:


It  looks like an even grimmer Justified, and that show was pretty dark. You know this show means business, cuz it’s set in the West, and the lead character has a metal tipped collar. How cool is that? I want it.



And here’s the lowdown on Wynonna Earp. I love Weird Westerns and monsters, but I haven’t read the graphic novels this is based on, and  I never heard of it before. It looks fun though, and Wynonna and I will be hanging out with each other this  summer. With any luck, maybe our relationship could go long term.

I’m glad to see that the Siffee Channel has got back in the business of having actual shows on the network.


I like the trailer and definitely gonna watch the show but yet again, I’m kind of pissed that  only  the white ladies get to have adventures and be sheroes on TV. When can sistahs of color get some fucking love in the genre? You like us in books. Why can’t we be in any of the visual media? C’mon, people! Let’s get some brown girls in the ring!


Oh, and this nifty little gem will be coming to the Shiftee network soon, called Hunters. It looks suitably grim, and could take the place of Alphas, another show I was loving before it was canceled, in favor of making more of those damn shark movies. Yeah, thanx for those Swiffer channel!

Wanna hear about it? Here it goes:


Oh and that’s not all this summer. We’ve got several movies coming out. And some more TV shows, like Penny Dreadful, Outlander, and Game of Thrones, which I’ve never been a huge fan of, but I’m starting to get into it now. I’m looking forward to the new season and I think the episode Hardhome, had a lot to do with that. Also, now I’m really intrigued by the Jon Snow thing.

I’m still watching Daredevil and liking it so far. I’ll have another review up of the next four episodes soon.

I’m not watching Damien. That’s one of those shows, like Bates Motel, where you monitor the trailers,  just in case there’s some excitement later. I also stopped watching Blindspot, even though the trailers look pretty interesting. Second Chance ain’t gettin’ one. I don’t know anyone who cares about that show and I suspect  it won’t get renewed next season.

I did watch Crouching Tiger 2, but I got nothing to report about that, other than it ain’t the first movie. It’s not bad, the fight scenes are okay,  but it’s not as compelling as the first. The story isn’t as deep and the plot is kind of workmanlike. It’s not as pretty as the first film and the fight scenes seem tacked on because the story isn’t as deep or developed.

I’m much more interested in Rise of the Legend, which I just saw. I also watched The Revenant, The Assassin, and He Never Died, which I loved, because my boy  Henry Rollins is the star. I’m gonna have to talk about that this summer, if I have time, because I’m totally geeking over that one, along with It Follows, The Signal and another Mad Max:Fury Road review, from the male character’s (Nux and Max) points of view.


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  1. jennnanigans

    All of your news is exciting. I am excite. HENRY ROLLINS!

    I am also cautiously optimistic about Preacher, being a longtime fan of the series.

    Absolutely agree on Crouching Tiger 2 – Michelle Yeoh was the best part of it. It had some interesting moments but otherwise it wasn’t memorable. Which is a great reason to watch the first one again! 🙂

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