How Gods of Egypt Adheres to Racist Fantasy Rules

The Nerds of Color

Gods of Egypt is a mess. You can look at the myriad of reviews trashing it and see it for yourself. Heck, you can look at the traileror its box office receipts — to see how much of a joke it is. Have you seen such bad CGI in the modern era? But even more insidious than the CGI is that the film went out of its way to cast white actors in an ancient Egypt-set story. This is the second film within two years that showed audiences a white Egypt. You might recall how spectacularly Exodus: Gods and Kings failed.

Technically, Gods of Egypt had all of the ingredients necessary to make a fun “swords and sandals” fantasy. It’s a fantasy that’s not just set in ancient Egypt, but involves gods and goddesses interacting with their human subjects. Who wouldn’t want to see Ra and Horus…

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4 thoughts on “How Gods of Egypt Adheres to Racist Fantasy Rules

    1. Alex Proyas has had an uneven level of success. I love his films, especially Dark City and Blade 2. The Crow, which was wonderfully ethnically diverse, was one of his first films I ever saw and I fell in love with it. It’s sad to see his career fall so far that this is the kind of crap he’s doing.

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