Supernatural: Plush

Ooh! Tonight’s episode stars one of my favorite characters, Sheriff Donna Hanscum. Seriously, I didn’t realize how much I’d like this character. (Of course that means something will eat her next season, because we rarely get more than two seasons, with female characters  we really like.)

At any rate this episode looks to be a funny one, with some insight into Sam’s visions, maybe:

Yeah, okay, this episode was not funny at all, outside of a couple of truly awful jokes from Sam and Dean. In fact, the episode was kinda terrifying and reminded me too much of Donnie Darko, a movie which scared the bejeebus out of me and I don’t scare easy. In fact, like Anya from Buffy, I kind of have a thing about bunnies, especially man-sized ones. hell, I hated Harvey.

Stan’s wife castigates him for not taking out the trash and he decides to badmouth the person who cooks his food. We’ve  been give the idea that Stan is an unsympathetic character, so when the guy in the plush bunny suit, stabs him to death in his living room, he gets no love from me.

Sam is praying again. Dean, walking past his open door, witnesses this and his next line is the funniest thing said all night,” Hey you want privacy, close the door.” He’s not wrong. What was Sam thinking? The door is just wide open.The two of them argue for a minute or two about counting on God to come through in the pinch, where Sam’s  visions are coming from and what to do about Amara. Crowley and Castiel are not mentioned and we don’t know where either of them are.


Donna calls,about her killer bunny case. Its not until they arrive that the brothers are told the specifics. The bunny is in custody but the outfit cannot be removed. Donna is delighted by Dean’s horrible puns. he seems to like Donna as much as the rest of us do, and so does her Deputy, Doug, who has a very obvious crush on her. I like it that nothing comes of that particular plot point. The writers just throw that in because Donna is on a journey and finding new love is part of her growth as a person, I guess.

Okay, did I say that  blood-covered, plush bunny is deeply, deeply creepy, just quietly sitting in the jail cell, like that?  Donna leaves. Sam makes horrible joke and Dean gives him pissy-face. Suddenly the bunny grabs Dean through the bars and they wrestle for a bit. Sam notices the guy in the suit has a tattoo of his girlfriends name.

Kylie says her boyfriend bought the costume at a shop and started acting weird as soon as he put it on. He stopped talking and walked out. Possession by bunny head, is what I’m guessing. This episode does not make me like bunnies any more than I did before.

Donna and Doug try to lift the tranquilized  bunny in the parking lot but he attacks them and Doug has to shoot him down.When he dies, the head rolls off. I kinda saw that coming, though.

Donna, Sam and Dean decide burning the bunny suit is their best move, because hey!its haunted.

A cold mist invades the  gym where a young athlete works out with his coach. When the coach goes back to his office, a harlequin masked figure picks up a kettle bell, and attacks the coach with it.

I’m assuming that’s called a kettle bell because I know nothing about weight-lifting equipment and I’m too lazy to look up images of kettle bells. So from now on, that’s what I’m calling it.

The coach lives but is in coma. Donna tells Doug it’s a copycat killer but Doug is smelling something fishy between all of them and ain’t buying it. The athlete says the masked figure was the school mascot and the mask wouldn’t come off. He also ells them about the room temp change, which indicated ghost activity.

Verdict: ghost possession of masks.

Supernatural — “Plush” — Image SN1107A_0156.jpg — Pictured: Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW — © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Back at the jail, Donna happens to have food salt on her but shooting the victim with rock salt instead, knocks the mask off the young  girl trapped under the costume, who  confesses that the coach was her PE  teacher, but that she didn’t dislike him enough to want to kill him.. The costume was donated, so the brothers  visit the person who made the donation.

The woman’s brother, Chester, a children’s performer, committed suicide, so she decided to donate all of his costumes around town.  So rounding up the costumes should get rid of  ghost.

Donna and Doug get to work..

A masked clown visits the coach in the hospital with a knife and cuts the coach’s  throat. He then gets int the elevator  with Sam who is too petrified to notice the bloody knife, I guess, until it attacks him. Dosing it with salt, Sam finds a confused, 70 year  old man.

Later Sam gives relationship advice when Donna gives Doug the cold shoulder, while Dean speaks to Stan’s widow. Her husband and the coach had accused Chester of molesting kids. Their vigilantism  led to  Chester’s suicide.


Dean goes back to Chester’s sister but she’s not home. His nephew is home and defends his uncle’s reputation.  The mother walks in angry and explains why she lied about the suicide. She explains that after the coach and Stan approached her with their accusations, she encouraged them to handle the situation themselves. Stan and the coach attacked Chester and dropped him in the river, while attempting to scare him. So! Vengeful ghost.

After her confession, her son Max, having put on the last costume that Chester was wearing, a deer’s head,  attacks the three of them. TSlat gets the mask off and Sam goes to burn it, but Chester’s ghost is busily attacking everyone. Sam finally gets that fire going just before Dean gets choked out.

Sam and Dan proclaim Donna a true Hunter and advise her to accept Doug’s attention, which she does.

On the way home, Sam speculates about his visions but Dean declares they’ve  got nothing to do with the cage and that’s it.

This episode was okay. it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. Mostly a monster of the week episode which was effective because people in giant furry costumes, with big, dead eyes,  are hella scary.

What made me think this episode was going to be funny?










2 thoughts on “Supernatural: Plush

  1. myfaketvboyfriend

    I enjoyed the episode, have to rewatch toniught. I think on forst viewing I am too busy looking at the pretty (sam and dean in suits my god) to pay close attention LOL

    Sam keeps looking for help from God meanwhile he was told God helps those that help themselves and Dean keeps saying foret about God we can do this OIRSELVES so I see Sam doing something regrettable instead of relying on him and Dean. Please Sam don’t touch the freakin cage! Like Dean said it was and still is a suicide mission.

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