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I’m going to change things up a bit tonight. Instead of doing a recap I’m going to introduce some massive spoilers into the conversation, because there were some very interesting developments in this episode, that I’m both confused and excited about, and I’m eager to discuss them. So if you haven’t watched the episode, go do it right now. I’ll wait!

All done? Good!

First up, I want to discuss the sheer dread I’ve been experiencing since Thin Lizzy. Why? Because up til now, we’ve been lead to believe that The Darkness is all bad, all the time. Well, Len’s reaction to having his soul sucked out, radically changes the thinking on that issue. It is a very real possibility that not everyone is going to see The Darkness as a bad thing.

Len’s reaction last week was very telling. He didn’t immediately run out and start killing people. Why?…

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