Supernatural: For the love of an Impala called Baby

I love the slideshow. It’s beautiful!

The Supernatural Fox Sisters


In Supernatural, the Impala has always been a home for the Winchesters. They grew up traveling with their father in the Impala, and continue to drive around the country in the car even now. Though they may sometimes stay in crappy hotel rooms, Bobby’s house, or even take up residence in the Bunker, the Winchesters are grounded by the Impala. It’s always kept them connected to each other and to their past together.

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3 thoughts on “Supernatural: For the love of an Impala called Baby

  1. myfaketvboyfriend

    “Baby” is definitely the 3rd main character in the show, I hated when, I think it was Sera Gamble, made them ditch the car for a season by having Frank tell them…

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