About That Boycott: On Star Wars and the Idea of “Feeding The Trolls”

Sublime Zoo

Greetings, lovers of the Zoo. Today, instead of posting a new “Marvelous Women” piece, I’m going to comment on something that’s been on my mind since yesterday…which happens to be the commotion surrounding #BoycottStarWarsVII.

Yup. This is real life. That hashtag happened.

In case you haven’t heard, #BoycottStarWarsVII was trending yesterday, much to the confusion of the general public.

The tag, (which was started by the stereotypical, vitriolic racists you would expect), was trending by noon yesterday after these assholes lamented about the main characters of the upcoming Star Wars movie supporting “White genocide”. Because, apparently, wanting a movie to be as diverse as possible (oy, you know, reflect the world around you), is code for “White genocide”.

12088483_10200957631499912_5651236213356052672_n Chet, are you being serious right now? Chet, what the f*ck?

That hyperbolic and racist ass statement aside, it did not take long for the tag to be hijacked by (non-racist) Star…

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