State of the Union

Actually ,this is just me talking about the shows I’m not watching this Fall. This is pretty normal really. I start off with a glut of shows I’d like to watch and then gradually whittle it down to five or six shows.  I’d also like to point out that just because I’m not reviewing a show, doesn’t mean I’m not looking at it. I’m watching it, but just don’t have time to review every episode. So rather than do intermittent episodes, I’ll opt to not review the show at all.

I’m still watching:

Brooklyn 99: It’s not as good as last season, but even working at half speed, this show is still much funnier than anything else on TV because I love all the characters. The actors have settled into their roles and  some plot points have been advanced, so I hope it continues to be good and doesn’t lose focus. It feels a little less focused now because Braugher’s character is no longer in charge of the 99. I feel like he should be there and now I’m watching to see how and if he returns.

Blindspot: I’m still watching this show. Its still intriguing. I like the characters,  although in the last episode, they introduced some minor subplots that I know will be important later, but felt like bad, wannabe drama. Weller still can’t act worth a darn but I still enjoy watching Jaime Alexander kick butt, though.

Heroes Reborn: I’ve totally lost interest in this show. I just don’t care.I tried to care. I wanted to care. But I’d rather do anything else besides watching this show. Once I start skipping episodes, and not even bothering to watch them on the DVR, that’s a sign that the show is less than compelling.

Minority Report: This is another one that I’ve just stopped looking at and not caring. From time to time I check in to make sure its still on TV and that the plot is moving along its paces, but I’m just not invested in the show. If it stays on the air I may regain interest. The same goes for Fargo. I don’t dislike it but I’m not committed to it either.

Because I’m not watching a show in its first season doesn’t mean I wont pick it up later, however. I did very much the same thing with Buffy, Angel, Firefly,  and the first season of Supernatural. I’m doing this now with The Flash and Arrow. Not actually watching them but monitoring, and if an especially interesting episode comes along, I’ll watch that. Some shows you just sort of casually date.

Bastard Executioner: I’m still watching this show, which has turned out to be surprisingly raunchy. Its still very dirty and there’s too much torture, but its gone in a couple of unexpected directions, and I like that.

I tried watching The Flash. I tried liking it but its just too young for me, I think. There’s a lot of it that smacks of Science Fiction 101 type stuff. I was never a huge fan of The Flash either, although I know a lot about the comic book character from reading The Justice League books, and there are a couple of personalities on the show that I actively hate, so I don’t think I’m ever going to be a fan, but you never know. This show could surprise me, later.

We’re not even going to get into Agents of Shield. I really, really, really want to like it Just no.

From Dusk Til Dawn: I tried to like this season. I was very excited about the addition of Danny Trejo to the cast but it started off on the wrong foot with the focus on the individual Gecko Bros, who have been separated, and too much focus on the Satanica character’s backstory. The woman who plays her is not a bad actress, but she ain’t no Salma Hayek, and it shows. She is just too lite-weight an actress to pull off a character with so much raw sexual gravity. And nobody cares about her backstory or the Gecko Bros, if they aren’t together. Now, mid-season, they have gotten back together, so I may start paying closer attention in preparation for the season finale.

I’m looking forward to Into the Badlands and hope that AMC doesn’t mess it up. I will check out Jessica Jones, although I’m not enthusiastic about it and Supergirl, although I’ve never been a Supergirl fan and was less than impressed with the trailers.

I’m looking forward to Ash Vs. The Evil Dead and The Magicians. Those trailers were fine. Incidentally if anyone has any more information on The new Omen series called Damien, coming this winter, hit me up. I’d love to know more about it. I thought the trailer was intriguing.

5 thoughts on “State of the Union

  1. myfaketvboyfriend

    “Weller still can’t act worth a darn ”
    Its too bad because for some reason hes very likable! I am still watching this one. Minority report I will give one more episode. Another show that I enjoy the acting but the storyline doesn’t intrigue me. Heroes I have pretty much given up on. Tried to like it…My husband loves Bastard executioner but i have mixed feelings. I like the actor that plays the main charactor and anything with Stephen Moyer in it I will give a chance (Ikeke I was mortified for him when he got on his knees….just sayin’)

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    1. Yeah, I was pretty mortified myself. That scene was just devastating to watch.

      I actually do like Weller, a lot.I just watched him in Strike Back on Cinemax and I loved him in that series. By can’t act, I mean he usually just acts like himself in everything. He just has one of those stoic faces, that isn’t convincing when wearing other expressions (and I always tease people I like.)

      I’m going to give M. report a try tomorrow night but I’m less than enthused. Seriously that whole rave fashion vibe is starting to get to me. And the show hasn’t settled on whether it wants to be deeply serious, or funny. If it’s trying to be serious, then it needs to jettison the niteclubs fashions, cuz that’s just making me laugh.

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    1. That sounds like a great idea, but I’m absolutely certain there will be something I’m supposed to be looking at, during the hiatus for these shows, so I won’t be able to get to the ones, I’m not looking at now.😄
      This is how much good stuff is on TV.
      It’s totally a geek dream.

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