The Strain: Season Finale

For those of you who were wondering, Yes! I intend to do a recap/review of the season finale.

Who knows? I may even like it. I’ve been ignoring it the past two weeks, giving my annoyance with the show some time to wear off.I do miss Gus and Quinlan, though and would like to know how they’re doing?

I know some of you are watching . I’m not asking for a recap of the past couple of weeks, but if you got things to say about it, hit me up in the comments.

One thought on “The Strain: Season Finale

  1. barb

    Sigh…I really want to like this show….but its hard. I don’t like Eff at all. And Dutch is a biach. After being saved by Ratman (sorry that’s what we call him!) she goes to the girlfriend instead? Sheesh I am glad she dumped her. Good news is they located Effs kids grandparents so they are going to send him to stay with them YAY!


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