Geeking Out About Fall TV (Or Maybe Not)

Okay, I’ve tried to give a listing before of what shows I was interested in for Fall but here I’ve actually narrowed it down to  four categories of shows. The shows I’ll be reviewing regularly, shows where I’ll only be reviewing the pilots and finales (depending on how good the show is), shows I’ll actually be watching regularly  but not reviewing, and shows I don’t have a shit to give.

Firstup: Shows that are on my shit list

The Strain: This  show has pissed me off to the edge of pisstivity. I will consider reviewing again when it starts acting right and quits insulting me.😤 Bad writing, character inconsistencies from one moment to the next, bad and inert plotting and, let’s face it, some of the characters are just plain hateable. This show needs new writers.

Haven: I’m very ,very tired of Audrey’s story arc. And there simply is not enough Eric Balfour, ( he of the EPIC schnoz), being a total bad ass. Audrey’s relationship with whatshisname is soggy and overwritten and I’m really blah, blah, blah…See how much I care?😴

Gotham: I really tried to like this because I’m a Batman fan of long standing, but with the departure of Fish Mooney, I’m no longer enthused. Also the trailers looks kind of scary and not the good kind of scary. The “Oh, my god this show looks awful”!!! kind of scary.😧 I’m deeply afraid to watch the show!

Agents Of Shield: Needs to fix its little diversity problem before it gets a watch from me.😒 Til then its getting the full side-eye, and will keep getting it, until they straighten they shit out! The same goes for Agent Carter, but I’m much more hopeful about that one, as it seems that the creators have heard some of the major critiques of the show, and are listening.

Nope! Lucifer. I’m really not enthusiastic about this show. The trailer was less than compelling for me. Also Limitless. I fell asleep on the movie. I think I’ll monitor this to see if it’s any good, though.

Next up are shows I kind of like and will review in some manner:

Dr. Who: I’m not a huge Who fan but I really like Capaldi. I’m not sure I’ll review it, given my lack of knowledge, but I will definitely be watching this season and if I get a good feel for it, I’ll review the season itself and perhaps an overview. I know there are people are out there who are far more knowledgeable about this show than me, so I’ll stick to what I do know and people can let me know where I’m incorrect on some assumption.

Minority Report: I’m one of the few people on Earth who is a Tom Cruise fan and I loved this movie, so I’ll watch the show, even though some people have panned it already. Well fuckem! I’ll decide for myself if I like it. It has a black woman in a prominent position, in the future, so DIVERSITY! Plus, I feel I should support the effort of this network trying to cash in on Sleepy Hollow’s success.

The Muppets and Brooklyn 99 are the only thirty minute shows, on my roster. The Muppets because, hey, it’s  Muppets. Who don’t like Muppets?😯 Brooklyn is only one of the cop shows I will be watching this Fall. I love the characters and the diversity of this cast. All of the actors are wonderful, even the ones I didn’t even think I would like. My favorite: Rosa’s cranky ass with a heart of gold, naturally.

Heroes Reborn, American Horror Story and Frankenstein Code: I really like the ideas behind these shows. I liked the trailers. I may not review Frankensteins Code,  but I will definitely be watching it. Heroes will get a Pilot review and if I like it , then regular recaps and reviews. I would really love to do regular reviews of American Horror Story but it may get left out because of the time factor.

Shows I’m going to check on from time to time: The Flash, Arrow, (What the Hell is Kingdom?) And Fargo.Supergirl. Blindspot. I will watch the pilots for certain and maybe do a QuickReview  about my feelings, as I did for Killjoys and Dark Matter. Some of them I don’t think I’ll watch regularly,but I will check them out.

Hell yeah! These are  shows I will be watching and regularly reviewing:

Supernatural: Entering its eleventh season. I’m very excited to see what the writers will do. There have been some  improvements to the show in the past two seasons, deepening the characters and bringing others to the forefront. But hey! I’m always going to be a fan of this show. I’ll follow the writers wherever they decide to go.😍

Sleepy Hollow: We’ll examine how the show has changed from the previous seasons. Hopefully, whatever new changes will improve the show and not kill it.😒

The Walking Dead: The show needs to resolve its “carousel of PoC” problem but I still find it compelling and will be reviewing it, as I did, last year.

Ash vs The Evil Dead: I’ve loved the movies since I was a child. I love the trailer and I’m really looking forward to the series. I will review the Pilot and if it keeps holding me, I’ll keep reviewing it.😃

Legends of Tomorrow  looks like a Helluva lot of fun. And whenever the networks decide to air The New X-Files and Rush Hour, I’m right there. I’m very excited about all of these. A word on The X-Files. I loved the show and watched the films, but I don’t give a flying unidentifiable object about the Mythology. So I will probably only focus on the monster related mythology episodes with brief side mentions on UFOlogy. Rush Hour looks like a good replacement for Psych, unfortunately, without Tim Omundson.

And last but not least:

Into The Badlands: I am a Wuxia, Steampunk, Western, post-apocalypse junkie, so this series is a mashup of  everything I’ve ever wanted to see on TV. It  has a primary Asian protagonist, swords, Martial Arts and Wild West shootery. The only way it could possibly be improved, is if they added dinosaurs and a appearance by Donnie Yen. That would be awesome!❤️


I’m a big fan of diversity, and inclusion of marginalized people, on TV and  I try to support it whenever possible. Time constraints, scheduling problems, sometimes, just plain disinterest are the major reasons why I might not watch  a show with a diverse cast.

Note for fans of TV:

The longer a show remains on the air the more it starts to collect haters. Disaffected people who claim superiority because they no longer watch the show, and it’s important to them to let  all of fandom  know that the show sucks, and used to be better. Their criticism is never constructive and they never have anything good to say about it. It’s always complaints.

Real fans are never dissuaded from a show because others dislike it. They decide for themselves when they’re tired of watching.

Such negative individuals go into the comments section of wherever the show gets mentioned and slam the show for : not being what it used to be, being boring, lack of character development or consistency, various vague criteria. People like this rarely make a compelling, in-depth,  argument for why they hate the show. They just hate it because other people love it, and want to feel as if they’re on the cutting edge, or somehow pure, for doing so. They can quickly turn your comment sections into a toxic stew of complaining about the show instead of celebrating it.

I don’t mind legitimate criticism if a person can back it up, with actual examples of whatever the problem is. It is also possible to love a show you have problems with. I do this all the time when I critique shows. I have problems with Supernatural, but I still love it. The Strain had too many problems to make it likable, despite the presence of some awesome vampires

Do not feed these people, though. The only time people like this show up, is during the season run of the show. When the show is on hiatus, such people are nowhere to be found. The only reason they hate the show is to take away your joy.

Recognize this behavior and stay far away because they will make you hate the shows you love.

P.S.: The Management reserves the right to alter the programming on this website, at any time and just because I stopped reviewing the show, doesn’t mean I know longer like it. When I stop reviewing an old one or start reviewing a new one, I’ll be sure to state my full reasons for why.

See Exhibit A: The Strain.

4 thoughts on “Geeking Out About Fall TV (Or Maybe Not)

  1. myfaketvboyfriend

    “Ash vs The Evil Dead: I’ve loved the movies since I was a child. I love the trailer and I’m really looking forward to the series. I will review the Pilot and if it keeps holding me, I’ll keep reviewing it.😃”

    When does this start? Really looking forward to it. I already set the DVR for Blindspot and a few others.

    Ugh I hate complainers. If a show should have ended whenever in your mind, why are you still watching? Turn it off and make believe it ended. And stop coming to websites and bitching about it! Also complaining that the story line is bad because its what you wanted is not a criticism its an opinion because others may like it and hey its the writers story to tell. STOP watching. Sheesh Rant over.

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    1. Yep! I’m through with The Strain until I’ve heard that it has improved. I’m only disappointed because I really wanted to love it and I’m not in the habit of hate watching things. I’m over forty. My life is getting too short to keep watching shows I don’t like.

      Oh, I’ve also forgot to mention Person of Interest. It’s the only espionage show I watch and I started watching it sort of by accident. Now I’m hooked. Also, Reese and Finch are the cutest couple ever.


    2. Oh yeah, Ash vs the Evil Dead is on Starz network sometime near the end of October. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

      I know some people don’t have cable (let alone movie channels) so I try to review at least a few non-network shows.

      I m giving some idea to watching Outlander, too. I caught the tail end of last season and kinda liked it. I’m not doing Game of Thrones because plenty of people already review that one and I’m not that into it.

      Penny Dreadful won’t be back until next year, possibly in spring or summer.

      And Teen Wolf won’t return until next year in January. That’s when my lineup of shows might change. I will have weeded out all the shows I don’t like and the ones I’ve watched will have proven themselves worth committing to.


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