The Strain: Intruders

Okay, that’s it! I’ve got a serious hate jones for this show because after my complaint last week about Pacoco’s relationship, what did the show do? It subjected all of us to the scene of  Palmer’s flabby ass in a bathrobe, putting the make on Coco: The Blow Up Plot Doll.

Thats it! I’m officially noping the fuck out of reviewing this show, if this is the kind of shit they think viewers want to see.

This is just a heads up for the writers:


Seriously, we don’t even have one shit. You’re gonna need a rain check. That’s how many shits we have.

The best thing that happened in this episode was Gus’ hookup with Quinlan, which was all kinds of awesome, but I had to sit through 30 minutes of people talking about the apocalypse, which had better get a move on. We are already at episode nine and ain’t a damn thing happened, except for learning, inadvertently, that the hospitals are closed.

At what point did that happen? And why don’t the writers tell us a damn thing about what’s happening DURING THE VAMPOCALYPSE, which is what we watch this show for?

We ain’t watching this show to see various characters fucking each other and having relations. This is not a soap opera, but apparently the writers think they’re writing a soap, because they keep subjecting us to stupid shit like Pacoco, as if we cared.


Oh yeah,  Eph does some drunken surgery, while Zach works with the only facial expression he’s allowed to show…sullen, side-eyed, suspicion.

Kellyvampmom puts on some makeup, shows up at the Batcave, with The Feelers, and gets chased by Eph and Nora. It is telling that, through this enitre short battle sequence, Zach just stands there wearing the exact same facial expression described above, and not moving. This is the level of acting we’re dealing with, here.

Set and Fet plan to heist a church because…Lumen.

Finally, at the end of the episode, Coco starts to show signs of having a personality and dumps Palmer, who having never been in a relationship with a real live woman before has, naturally,  fucked up.

I guess you can tell I’m just a tiny bit  ranty about the show this week. I blame the head trauma, and subsequent PTSD, from being forced to fast forward through the Pacoco sex scene real fast, or suffer a massive stroke.

Yeah, I’m out!

ETA: Yeah. No tags, no photos.  Wtf, if the writers don’t care, why should I bother to give the show my usual lavish and resplendent review? That’s wasting yet more of my time and I can never get back those traumatizing two minutes of Hellish viewing.