On June 13th the BBC America Network will air Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell based on the book by Susanna Clark. I am very ,very excited about this show. I loved, loved, loved the book so much that it’s in my top pantheon of books along with World War Z and The Talisman by King. I can re-read them and over.

I love Urban Fantasy and Historical Drama, it’s rarely done, and this book and show are a perfect marriage of both.

If I find the time to review it, I’ll be right here!

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  1. Well, I liked it but it wasn’t a huge rah-rah moment because I sort of knew what was going to happen going in. I didn’t think Dean would kill Sam but the way Sam pleaded with Dean to stay really touched me.The fandom is always complaining about how selfish Sam is and he doesn’t love Dean, but they can’t say that after the finale.

    Well, they can but they’d be WRONG!

    I still don’t know what exactly The Darkness consists of. I hope they dont botch it up next season and not make it a real issue or threat. or embody it in a person or something.

    I’m not really sure if Death is actually gone. I know that the scythe can kill him, maybe, but we’ll just have to stick around and see cuz I got nothing on that.


  2. Wow, I LOVE likes they make the world go around, don’t they. Did you enjoy The Supernatural finale, I think it was underwhelming if I’m honest. It felt flat and was so sad to see Death killed off he’s one of my favorites. 😦 The boys fought again, but in the end they both saved one another which was a different twist I don’t think many have thought about.


  3. Hi Ikeke

    I love this show, please review it. I will be here reading it too. Its so spooky and the special effects and storytelling have been just WOW. Marc Warren is unbelievably creepy and have never seen him in anything quite like this before. He is such a talented guy!! And very busy as he was last seen in The Musketeers. Another show I adore.

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