Supernatural: Season Ten

I won’t be doing a recap of tonight’s episode. Instead I’ll do a full review and recap of both episodes of finale, which I consider to be all of one episode. Tonight’s episode is titled The Prisoner. Next week’s episode is titled Brother’s Keeper, followed by a review of the season, and during the Summer Hiatus, I’ll do season character reviews for Dean, Sam, Crowley, Castiel and Charlie and invite speculation on what season 11 might have in store for all of them.

Also coming this Summer:

Recaps and reviews of my favorite Daredevil episodes.

A review of the new show on Netflix titled Sense8, which looks incredible and has all the diversity one can ever ask for in a genre show. We will be watching to see how it’s handled.

Recaps and reviews of The Strain, The X-Files, Mad Max:Fury Road, Jurassic World, the various flotsam posts that take over my brain on an irregular basis and, if you guy’s behave yourselves , I can get an interview with my niece, about her favorite anime.


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