The Sexiest Voices in Hollywood.

In honor of The Avengers : Age of Ultron and its honey voiced villain, James Spader, I now present, the sexiest men’s voices on screen. Shallow? Sure! But I don’t care. Make your own list of sexy. This ones mine.

So, apparently it’s okay for guys to love certain books, movies and TV shows because they loooove the ladies, so it’s perfectly okay for me to geek out about my favorite guys.(Which is why I will be watching 300 again, next week.)

And sometimes you don’t even need to have a plot or anything. Sometimes all you need is a mellifluous, soothing, or sometimes, a gravelly voice, in a movie.

Vin Diesel:


Granted, his voiceover work for The Iron Giant was not at all sexy but he made up for  that by rumbling his way through a succession of Action movies, thereby establishing his Sexy Guy  Cred, in perpetuity.

James Earl Jones:


Darth Vader.

Nuff said!

Morgan Freeman:

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Morgan is so famous for his voice, that he could just read his grocery list, and we would watch the Hell out of that.

Ken Watanabe


I do have to be absolutely fair in admitting, that there’s not one Japanese actor who DOESNT have a sexy voice. Well, okay I do like Japanese men, but that’s  totally beside the point!

James Spader:


Okay, now go back in time and watch Wolf. Ignore the mournful voice of Jack Nicholson and listen to the soothing tones of werewolf villain, James Spader, as he croons menacingly to Michelle Pfeiffer. I have never wanted to be so threatened by a pretend bad guy.

Paul Bettany:


This man is everywhere, so no list would be complete without him. He’s not getting hired solely on the basis of his  looks, although those are perfectly acceptable.

It’s the accent! Definitely the accent!

Jason Momoa:


Jason could talk to me all day, every day, even if he never cracks a smile.

Idris Elba:


Think James Earl Jones with a British accent, and then go back and watch Pacific Rim, just for the speech.

Dennis Haysbert:


There’s a reason he keeps getting hired for  voiceover work for insurance ads and it is not his demeanor. We will buy whatever Mr. Haysbert tells us to buy.

Jensen Ackles


Has an extraordinarily smooth voice, even if he always sounds as if you shouldn’t take anything he says seriously.

Chris Hemsworth:


Is the voice of Thor! Now unto forever, there will never be another Thor.

Ah yeah, I don’t know what accent that is, either.

Lance Henriksen:


I’ve loved his voice since he played Bishop in Aliens. It’s so soothing that sometimes you don’t even have to watch his movies, just listen to them.

Honorable Mentions: I couldnt make this list without including any of these actors. If you are watching a movie, just to hear the actor’s voice, its probably one of these guys.

Hugo Weaving


Liam Neeson


Lawrence Fishburne


George Takei


And a Special Honorable Shoutout award goes to:

Alan Rickman


He is the least sexy looking man in any movie, but you would not know that, when hearing those dulcet, sardonic tones.

And a belated shout out to:

Leonard Nimoy.


I love Zachary Quinto, but that’s just not the mellifluous voice of Spock. Nope!

I’m pretty sure I left out someone who is really working for you, so feel free to show your love, in the comments.

6 thoughts on “The Sexiest Voices in Hollywood.

  1. jennnanigans

    YES to all this! I love this post!

    I might make my own list – it would include Scott Glenn from Silence of the Lambs and Tom Hardy from Most Things He’s Done.

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  2. I may have to do a part two one day. There were a lot of voices i wanted to add, that i just couldnt add, like Brad Pitt and believe it or not Denzel Washington. I’m not sure if people know that guy or not!


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