Supernatural: The Things They Carried

Tonight’s episode stars Cole Trenton, played by Travis Aaron Wade. He is very quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Yeah, there’s just a little bit of fangirl swooning over those lovely, blue eyes and soft, Southern drawl.

Yeah,chose are definitely blue.

This episode also features the return of the Khan Worm, that disgusting little creature created by Eve in the episode …And Then There Were None. It’s a talkative little get, so we should all prepare ourselves to hear some uncomfortable truths, I guess.

Also, Sam has a new haircut, again. And yeah, I hate it. It looks really weird.


Supernatural has, once again, moved to a new night.  I think, in the past ten years, it’s been on every weeknight, except Monday, which is hilarious. I don’t care how often the CW moves it about, they’re not going to lose me. I’m going to be there to the end.


A man tortures a woman in Fayettville North Carolina. He hangs her upside down ,slits her throat, and drains  her blood into a bucket he brought especially for the occasion.


Dean comes to Sam with a case, this time. The victim we saw earlier was apparently some kind of Martial Arts Superwoman, who still managed to end up dead. So…case!

In the car, Dean tries to explain to Sam, that it’s time to give up on finding a cure for the Mark and that he needs him to focus on their cases.

Posing as agents, they find that the perpetrator of the crime is dead after having set himself on fire. The third in a string of suicides…and Dean simply cannot resist cake. They  talk to the killer’s wife, who paints a completely different picture of the man, than that presented by the police.  He was a member of an elite military team. She  tells them he was inordinately thirsty for water and that his skin seemed especially dry. She also tells them that a friend of hers is having the same problem with her husband.

They interview this other woman, whose husband has been missing,  all night and find out that he had many of the same symptoms as the previous man.  On their way out, they meet Cole, who decides to tag along, so he can make sure that his friend, Kit, who served with him in the war, comes back alive. He believes the brothers will just kill him. He Says he has contacts and can get things done in a way that Sam  and Dean can’t.  Sam says to prepare himself to have to kill his friend.

Meanwhile Kit ,the  thirsty friend Cole is trying to help, is assaulting a convenience store refrigerator for water. When the store clerk tries to stop him, he slits his throat and drinks his blood. This is very different from the old Khan worm. That one wasn’t especially bloodthirsty. So it’s some kind of cousin, maybe?

Cole’s contact says that his friend and his team had a  mission to rescue some PoW’s in a cemetery, in Iraq. They were attacked and now Kit and the others are acting rabid. Sam receives an alert about what happened in the store.

I’d  like to point out, that standing next to the two tallest people, in the universe, makes Cole look like a shrimp. He’s probably just average height though. It’s Jared and Jensen,  who are freakishly tall.

Cole doesn’t fool the Winchesters for a second, though. They just wait and follow him. Dean chastises Sam for buying him dinner.

At the cabin Cole tries to talk to Kit and finds evidence of a great deal of mis-doing, and some blood. Kit attacks him and Cole is promptly infected with the Khan Worm.  The brothers arrive too late and Kit escapes.


Now, Dean and Sam have to come up with a way to kill the Worm without killing Cole, who has opted for electrocution, rather than a headshot. That’s entirely understandable.  Dean gets out the car batteries and Sam heads out to follow Kit back to his home. If the batteries work then they need to do Kit next.

Cole almost dies but the Khan Worm stays put. Dean decides  that since the Worm likes water, he’ll create a sweat lodge and dry it out of its host. He then  proceeds to drink a bottle of water in front of Cole. Sam manages to subdue Kit and then spends the next hour or so trying to explain the existence of monsters, to his wife,  while Dean and Cole bond. Cole tells Dean to kill him if necessary. But Dean says he won’t do that because Cole is not gong to give up. This is the complete opposite of the advice he gave Sam about himself, earlier.

Kit breaks free and cuts off the electricity, so that Sam has to hunt him through the house, in the dark. He attacks Sam at the same time Cole attacks Dean. Sam wrestles Kit for his own gun, while Dean almost gets infected by a Worm, but the sweat lodge idea works and the Worm is destroyed. But not in time for Kit, who gets a bullet instead.

Sam apologises for what happened to Kit and Cole promises to go home and hopefully never see them again. Dean tries to explain to Sam, that sometimes that’s just what has to happen. Will Sam have to do for Dean, what he had to do to Kit? They don’t want to, but they’re both thinking it.

I  liked this episode. It’s another solid B, on the meter. The most enjoyable thing about it was Cole and Dean trying to dislike each other in the cabin. I hope they become better friends in the future and that we get to see more of Cole. There’s definitley a chemistry there, Dean and Cole have much in common, and Dean obviously admires Cole.  Also,  the brothers need to start building up another network of hunters and friends.

The Khan Worm didn’t impart any truths, as I suspect this one was some sort of mutation, only vaguely related to the original. I do wish it had the power to fix Sam’s hair, though. Oh, did I already  tell you, I don’t like Sam’s hair? Okay! Good.

What’s  also interesting, is the idea of Sam and Dean, moving into Bobby’s position of being the elder statesmen of Hunting. They can teach and mentor, like  Bobby and Samuel did for them, and with the knowledge to be found in the Bunker, run their own team of Hunters, just as the Men of Letters did.

Things come full circle. A new generation is born.

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  1. wrencollins

    Liked this episode, and this recap. It’d be nice to see some more Cole/Sam stuff too, as I liked their chemistry back in Reichenbach. Though I suppose it’s easy to have chemistry with someone when they’ve tied you to a chair and are holding a hammer to your knee.


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