Supernatural: Halt and Catch Fire

It’s been a while since we had a ghost episode. And tonight’s episode is supposed to be funny so…

In Spencer, Iowa, a young man and woman, are driving the noisiest truck on television, when their online navigator starts telling them the wrong directions and acting bitchy. It tells the girl to get out of the truck, takes over the vehicle and drives it over an embankment, killing the young man.

Dean is eating a croiss-ookie. At least I think that’s how you spell it. Now, I want one. Sam thinks Cas may have information about where Cain might be, but Dean is not optimistic about it. This time, it’s Dean who presents them with a case.

To the Batcave!

imagePosing as Federal Agents, they confront a young woman named Janet, she repeats her story of the night before. The brothers do their usual ghost investigating techniques of asking weird questions of the victims and then head off to the car lot. They find ectoplasm on the truck and think they have the solution. I don’t think so, or this will be the shortest episode  of Supernatural, ever. They burn the truck. It’s a beautiful moment.

A young woman Julie, gets strangled by her computer’s electrical cord after receiving the message 810.

Sam and Dean show up, find ghost radiation, and question the dead girl’s roommate, Delilah. More ghost questions, without actually mentioning ghosts.

Dean has procured a massive amount of food in the school’s self-serving cafeteria. He is definitely giving in to  his appetites.  Sam searches through the victim’s social media accounts. They figure that  810 is an address. Staking out that address, they find a young woman clearing a roadside memorial. Corey says her husband died nine months ago and someone keeps leaving flowers at that site. She describes Delilah.

Now, they have to figure out what connects the victims with the dead man. While they do this, Dean is eating, yet another, massive meal. No. Really, it’s huge. I can’t even guess what’s going on in  his head.

Delilah and her friend Kyle, are arguing about what they should tell people. Kyle tells her to keep her mouth shut. What do you want to bet Kyle will be next? Kyle’s stereo goes haywire and explodes his head. Dying, to such a crappy soundtrack, is a truly horrific experience, for all of us, too.

imageSam and Dean confront Delilah about the 810 reference, and she spills the beans on the not so accidental accident, that killed Andrew, the Angry Ghost.  The four of them didn’t call for help and fled the scene, leaving their victim to burn to death, when power lines landed on the vehicle. Then they all tried to cover it up, because Billy was driving on a suspended license.

The brothers have to figure out how to get rid of the ghost, as it’s not tied to anything. Delilah talks with Dean about what happened, telling him that she has nightmares. Dean can surely understand regrettables.He says whiskey, denial, and trying to make things right, is  his way of coping, but he tells her she needs to confess and deal, not bury her troubles, the way he does. If only he’d take his own advice. But then Dean has always been great at giving it. Not so much, the following it.

imageSam goes to the site of the accident and figures out that Andrew is using WiFi, to do his travelling. Dean says they need to kill the Internet, but how? Sam has an idea. Dean breaks all the wireless electronics in the room, while Sam speaks to Corey. Dean and Delilah run to the basement because there’s shitty reception there.  Corey says Andrew  started contacting her online, after the accident. It was nice at first, then he became vengeful, but she didn’t want to lose him, so she said nothing. She refused to let him go, so his attachment is to her.

Andrew shows up to kill Delilah because someone has hidden a phone, in the couch, in the basement.

Dean tries to talk Andrew down, by appealing to his humanity, while calling Sam, and the ghost attacks Dean instead. Sam puts Corey on FaceTime and she manages to reach him. He disperses when she lets him go.

The brothers drop Delilah off at Corey’s  home. She wants to confess.


Dean says he plans to take his own advice. He’s finished with trying to find a cure for the Mark. Sam disagrees. He thinks Dean is just going to give up. Dean says he’s  going to fight it’s influence by being as good a man as he can, and that he chooses to be at peace about it.

Finally! WooHoo!

Okay, not a great episode because I found the plot kind of boring and it wasn’t really all that funny. Just the usual quiet chuckles at Dean’s  behavior and the two brothers teasing each other about tech stuff. But I liked the ending. What Dean said sounded really positive. He talked a lot about making peace with the past and letting stuff go, this evening.  Unfortunately, Cain shows up next week and completely undoes all of Dean’s emotional progress.

It’s gonna be wild. So, stay tuned, people.

ETA: What Dean is eating, at the top of the episode, is called a Crookie. A croissant with cookies in it or so it appears. Okay, that’s going on my Bucket List. Judging by the looks of it, that will probably be the last thing I do.

6 thoughts on “Supernatural: Halt and Catch Fire

    1. Well, I kind of have a way of doing these recaps, otherwise I wouldn’t either.

      I try to sit and write it while I watch the first time because I want my recap to be as in the moment and spontaneous as possible, with whatever thoughts I was having at that time. If I wait a couple of days, my thoughts are definitely not the same as when I initially watched it. It doesn’t feel as spontaneous either.

      I do sometimes go back and do a quick fast forward to catch names or other small details, immediately after it airs, though.


      1. barb

        “I do sometimes go back and do a quick fast forward to catch names or other small details, immediately after it airs, though.”

        I watch alone live and then watch again with my husband the next night FFing the conmmercials. Him not being in the fandom gives me a better take on it -he appreciates the show without judging-usually LOL


  1. barb

    I enjoyed most of the episode. I could have done without the dumbing down of Dean-I am sure he knows (and disapproves of lol) Navigation Apps. Also I think that Deans eating manners are much better than what they showed arg. I actually liked the end speech-Dean is going to liv eis life, doing what makes him happy,saving people and hunting things, eating unhealthy food, and well, liking females LOL. I think I would ahve liked it more if last weeks episode wanst so GREAT!

    Loved the coming attractions-YAY Cain is back!


    1. Yeah, I liked last weeks episode better than this one. In fact, the theme of this season might have been brought home more effectively if they’d switched places with last weeks episode.

      I’m considering writing extra codas to my reviews, two or three days after the initial review, and after I’ve thought about things for a while. Sometimes I have a different view of an episode after I’ve stewed on it for a couple of days. More/deeper thoughts than I had while watching it.


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