Sleepy Hollow : What Lies Beneath

Tonight’s show is a lot more Mythology heavy, than last week. Last week, we were dealt a couple of enormous setbacks, such as: Frank Irving being a lying liar who lies and Henry Parrish coming back in the game. I’m sure the two of them will be up to menacing the Witnesses lives soon enough.

Oohhh! A sewer episode!

Three construction workers find a hidden tunnel system deep underground and are promptly snatched by some CHUDs for their trouble.

It’s  now time for Ichabod’s obligatory moment of culture shock. This time it’s Instagram, while he and Abbie tour a battleship. (Is he, or is he not, Captain America?) Abbie gets a message from Reyes about the missing men. At the crime scene, Abbie is approached by a strange man, a journalist, with some interesting information about his brother, who is one of the missing men. A very savvy man,  who is starting to put together all the oddities going on in Sleepy Hollow. I hope this guy is joining the cast. I like him, already. He’s smart, and he’s bold and reads Abbie’s face like a book.

Abbie and Crane go into the tunnels and find that and the claw marks of whatever pulled the men to their deaths. Crane drops some Thomas Jefferson history on us while we wait.

Irving meets with Jenny. He wants her to retrieve some wedding trinket from the police station for him. Jenny agrees to get him into the lockup to steal it. I’m going to make a wild guess and say he’s lying again.

Abbie and Crane theorize about what could be in the hidden chamber. I love it when Crane gossips about historical figures and Bonus! we get a flashback to his meeting with Jefferson, who subsequently unfriended him. Crane says they need to go back and be eaten…I mean, see for themselves, what’s down there.

imageIt turns out,  at least, one of the men is alive but Crane and Abbie encounter a room full of the deadly creatures that guard the hidden vault. Crane is nearly captured, but is saved by the unexpected entrance of the journalist, who uses his camera flash to drive the creatures away.

Calvin, the photographer, is determined to save his brother and demands information from them. They ask for his trust and Abbie tells him that his brother is alive. Crane doesn’t like that, but Abbie feels she can trust him and they should allow him limited access.

I know finding work is hard and it’s been a few years but those damn Firefly Reivers have gotten jobs as Reivers on this show! Abbie, Crane and Calvin go down to the tunnels, for a second time, to rescue Calvin’s brother.

Irving and Jenny crash the police station, where Irving searches for something that’s not a wedding trinket. Jenny was definitely suspicious of Irving, the moment she saw the Hellfire Club tattoo on his wrist, when they were in the bar. She pulls her weapon and they duke it out for about five seconds.

imageCrane’s magical trick, with Calvin’s camera, drives the creatures away again and conveniently destroys the camera. They fight their way into the vault, where they encounter Thomas Jefferson himself. Jefferson says thanks to science and witchcraft he’s still alive, or rather his holo-ghost is still present. He says their mission is the reason he exists.

Irving has a story to tell Jenny about how he’s possessed by an evil Irving. I’m still not buying it. I think he’s well aware of his evil. But he says he found a charm that would hide his true nature and that’s what he used during Katrina’s test. It’s a real sob story but he needs Jenny’s help because she’s the only one who would understand. I think we can all understand my skepticism.

imageSince Jefferson is Crane’s bestie, Abbie says it’s on him, to convince Jefferson to help. While the two men commiserate, Abbie follows a blood trail deeper under the vault, where she finds two of the survivors and a partially eaten corpse.

Jefferson says the men must die, because destroying the cannibal nest will also destroy the vault and all the information the Witnesses need to do their  work. He shows them some of the information and they are suitably impressed. He even explains why he unfriended Crane so many years ago and that he had no choice but to do that.

The two of them decide to destroy the nest. No matter what it costs them. They go back into the death chamber to save the men and barely make it out. They then decide to “nuke the sight from orbit” because it’s the only way to be sure that all the creatures die. Unfortunately,  it will also destroy all the information the Witnesses will need to fight, what Jefferson says is, the coming war.

imageIchabod goes back into the chamber with the explosives and has to convince Jeffersons ghost to allow it’s destruction. He finally agrees and Ichabod, blows it all up.

Yay, explosions!

Abbie convinces Calvin to shut up about what happened. I’m definitely noticing some chemistry between these two and hope we get to see him again in the future, especially after he sends her an e-mail asking her to trust him. I like how he challenges her, doesn’t back down from her and does it with a smile. Could this be a love interest for Abbie?

Katrina dreams that Henry comes to her and it must have been real because he left behind the black roses he brought for her.

Not my favorite episode but it goes somewhere near the top of my list because it’s Mythology heavy and there was only a sliver of Katrina in it.

Next week, it looks like Katrina goes full-on Darkside.

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  1. barb

    “Not my favorite episode but it goes somewhere near the top of my list because it’s Mythology heavy and there was only a sliver of Katrina in it.”
    Agreed! Next week I hope she goes so dark shes off the show!


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