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Tonight’s episode involves a Warlock from the Salem Witch Trials, a subject which endlessly fascinated me when I was a teenager. I think   I was  more fascinated with the idea that people could make up outrageous lies about other people, and if the authorities in power are gullible enough, those lies will be believed. This show may not  address that particular issue tonight but should still be a fascinating glimpse into the Sleepy Hollow version of that time period. After all, in that universe, witches and magic actually exist.

A man in an archaic outfit (played by none other than one of my future ex-husbands, Jonathan Schaech) breaks into an auction house, steals a book from the archives and, casts a spell which Vaders the security guard and the archivist.

Ichabod is house hunting and calls Abbie for help. He seems to be coping well with the modern world. He is, however, just as perplexed by squeaky fruit as any rational person – wtf?  His outfits look a little more modern and I’m required to mention how lovely he is, at least once per episode. (I have a  quota to fill.) Abbie comes to him with the auction house case. The clues suggest magical interference, so Ichabod suggests they visit Katrina.

Henry Parrish is trying to find his identity and avoid the attentions of the landlady of the apartment complex, where he’s been hiding out, since he betrayed and killed Moloch.


Abbie and Ichabod are  figuring out the magical clues behind  the deaths at the auction house and the theft of the book, which turns out to be a Grimoire of immense power. There is an interesting blend of magic from Katrina and Tech from Abbie to do all of this.

Katrina tells them that Solomon Kent has been freed from Purgatory. Apparently, he’s the Boogeyman for witches, which must mean he’s a total badass. I guess so, since we see him casting another spell using the book and his own blood, so …yeah.


Katrina schools everyone on the real history of the  Salem Witch Trials, involving her own ancestor, Sarah Osbourn, Solomon Kent, unreciprocated love and accidental death. It turns out that Kent is the reason the trials occurred, as he goes darkside, in an attempt to avoid blame for killing the woman he loved. Eventually, the surviving coven members exile him to purgatory. Kent returns  from purgatory for the Grimoire, which is not whole. So now Katrina, Ichabod and Abbie have to hunt down the missing pages.

Irving confronts Abbie outside the archives, abut her not trusting him after his return and makes good with her.

Henry Parrish is feeling so disgusted with himself that he’s trying to avoid human contact. He’s not tying too hard or he’d be living in the woods and not in an apartment  in the city. The landlady’s son tries to talk to him and leaves him a figurine to play with. The writers are toying with the idea that Henry might come to care for this young man and decide to become heroic on his behalf, I guess.

Abbie tells Ichabod about meeting with Irving and how he plans to let go of the past. Ichabod connects that to Kent and susses out that Kent  wants to resurrect his lost love, but that would lead to the end of the world, as all the other souls with her, would be released.

imageAbbie and Ichabod, both armed and deadly, head out to get the rest of the Grimoire before Kent. They find  him in the warehouse. Katrina shows up and throws some mojo around before Kent tries to seduce her to the darkside. Kent then creates some blood demons- from a pool of his own blood which is ….AWESOME! The bloody, naked demons chase Abbie and Ichabod  through the warehouse, while Katrina and Kent face off.  She loses but not before going all Dark!Willow and Kent makes off with the book.


Katrina is shaken after her fight with Kent, as she’s tapped into some primal dark power, that she’s now deeply afraid of and once again proceeds to lie to her husband about yet another thing. When will it end? Can they kill her off at the end of this season, or the next, if she becomes the Big Bad?

Abbie goes to Irving to get some tips on how to handle Kent but all he can offer is advice on how to keep living. A pointless scene but it gives us more opportunity to see Irving bonding with Abbie.

Henry Parrish witnesses his landlady’s  son being bullied by some apartment thugs. This is building to something. Will he come to the rescue? Will he find a reason to care? Will he find his purpose in whatever decision he makes?

Abbie and Ichabod figure out that Kent isn’t trying to resurrect anyone. He wants to time travel into the past and they have to stop him before he alters all of existence.

Irving shows up to offer more than useless advice against Kent, who is about to begin his time travel spell, while Abbie finalizes a plan.

They attack Kent with crossbows, flash bangs, darts filled with Atropine and electricity which puts him down. Ichabod loses his shit and is about to put a serious beat down on him, when Abbie stops him. So,  he’s tapped into something primal about himself, too. Only, he seems to be dealing with it better than Katrina. Abbie and Ichabod run off to find Irving. He shows up behind them, coldly breaks Kent’s neck and takes the Grimoire. Kent’s body dissolves. Irving congratulates all of them on a job well done.

Henry confronts the bullies at the apartment complex. He very easily kills the three of them with magic. I don’t think he’s doing that for any good reason, such as protecting the landlady’s son.

Irving and Henry meet in the forest. He hands Henry the book. So I guess Henry himself  wants to take over where Moloch left off  and Irving really is still his minion. Really Irving?

I am disappoint.

I’m going to count this as a good episode as it answered a lot of the questions I had in the last one, Kali Yuga. At the same time, I’ve got all new questions about Henry, Irving and Katrina. And oddly enough the show does address the idea of gullible people accepting the lies told to them by people they trust, exactly the thing that frustrated me about the Salem Witch Trials.

There’s only three episodes left til the end of the season on February 23rd, at which point I’ll have to find something new to talk about.

2 thoughts on “Sleepy Hollow : Spellcaster

  1. Hey, go for it! It’s a lot of fun if you don’t take it too seriously and sort of look at most of the things Ichabod says as Alternative History.

    For me, the fun is in spotting all of the historical Easter eggs, name drops and supernatural mythology. Hope you enjoy it.


  2. I’ll be starting a Sleepy Hollow marathon soon. After Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead watching-binges I’m almost exhausted. But I’m willing to try a new series soon!


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