Sleepy Hollow: Pittura Infamante

The title of this weeks episode according to Wikipedia means  ” defaming portrait”.  A type of painting done in Renaissance Italy, used to shame people the public believed were criminals, thieves and traitors,  who went unpunished by the law.

Tonight’s  episode involves art restoration, the Sleepy Hollow Historical Society and watching Ichabod get dressed to party, so I’m probably not going to get my weekly helping of watching Abbie kick booty. Ichabod looks especially yummy in a new suit jacket, that looks very much like his old one, and a ponytail.


I hope they show more of Captain Irving’s predicament tonight and Michelle Trachenberg,  from  Buffy:The Vampire Slayer, makes an appearance. It’ll be nice to see her again. Hopefully, her acting has gotten a lot better since that show.

We enter the show, with a man, Grant, restoring a painting. The painting starts bleeding. (I  don’t like that.)

We next visit Ichabod ranting about business casual dress and discussing a date with his wife, at the Historical Society. It turns out that Ichabod knew Betsy Ross and that he really shouldn’t talk about that.

The painting by James Coby is now on display at that evening’s gathering and Grant, appears to speak to Ichabod, flustered. His hands have red stains that he can’t remove. Katrina has a vision during the party and says she feels a dark presence.

Abbie, now on her own for the evening, is surprised when Irving shows up at the precinct.


Okay, Michelle Trachtenberg is Abigail Adams. Her acting isn’t any better and she looks very different from the rather frail looking teen she was on Buffy. She looks …mature. Katrina and Ichabod discuss the passage of time and the loss of all they knew. One of the biggest drawbacks to moving forward in time and is almost never addressed in shows about people who are out of their own time. The extreme sense of dislocation people like that must feel. The dinner party is interrupted by the death of Grant, who is found hanging, upside down, from one of the chandeliers. He looks like the picture of the Hanged Man on Tarot cards.

Abbie and Ichabod discuss Irving’s return, whether or not Henry is involved and if Irving is evil. Lt. Reyes appears and meets Katrina and praises her husband. I guess she likes Ichabod, for now.  Ichabod makes the connection to the Hanged Man of the Tarot, which surprises Katrina, who  connects Grant’s murder to a series of killings she learned about from Abigail Adams, who was also a witch. Katrina suggests bringing in this time period’s Abbie but Ichabod says no. The two of them will solve the murder without her.

Abbie goes to interview Irving, who only partially remembers the events leading up to his death. Abbie informs him that he died,  that he was buried six weeks ago and that everyone is now in mourning for him. That his return may be a sign of the Horseman’s return and that she can’t take the risk of trusting him.


Katrina and Ichabod examine the painting and find fresh blood and a new element in the painting. A knife. The two parse that the killer is the man in the painting and it scares the absolute shit out me when the man in the painting turns and looks at the two of them discussing him. Inanimate objects doing shit they’re not supposed to do is one of my things. Okay, now I need some defibrillators. Things that don’t move on their own, ain’t supposed to be moving on their own.

Everyone who comes in contact with the painting gets red stained fingers, including Miller, Grant’s boss, and Ichabod. It turns out that the man in the painting,James Coby,  is using the blood of his victims to finish the painting within the painting, so he can walk free. When he and Katrina return to the painting, the figure is gone.cueah, that’s pretty creepy. In an effort to keep people away from the painting she and Ichabod engage in some PDA. It works… to mostly discombobulate Ichabod.

Abbie informs Jenny of Irving’s return. They try to reason out why and what they must do to fight him, in case he turns out to be another monster. Abbie tasks Jenny with finding a mystical weapon to destroy Irving. Just in case. Abbie, then, informs Irving’s  wife of his return. She shows her a video of Irving, but also tells her that she and Irving  can’t see each other until they know if he’s a threat.

Ichabod interviews Grant’s boss, who says Grant was extremely attached to the painting and that it spoke to both of them. Katrina finds a secret drawer in Abigail Adams desk and then spots a blood covered Coby wandering the halls. So apparently, he’s  already partially free.

Jenny tracks down some creature killing bullets, still inside the corpse, of course. Should she be removing those? I hope those aren’t what’s keeping the creature dead.

I like being right.

When she removes the last bullet, the creature promptly wakes up, so Jenny has to put one of the three bullets back in it. Now, she only has two. What do you wanna bet, that she loses at least one more?

Miller gets pulled into the painting by Coby.  Ichabod and Katrina, though present, are powerless to prevent it. Katrina discovers that there is an entrapment hex. Runes carved into the painting’s frame are meant to keep Coby trapped in the painting. Abigail allowed herself to be captured and with the help of a local priest, imprisoned Coby and kept the painting safe. When Grant began to restore the painting, it woke up Coby.

Ichabod proposes entering the painting to rescue Miller. He and Katrina remove the painting to another location and Katrina decides to come with him. They enter the world of the painting and the mind of a murderer.

Jenny returns from her mission and encounters Irving. Abbie says Irving’s medical exam appears normal. He doesn’t seem like a monster and she assures Jenny that the bullet is a last resort. Jenny also suggests Katrina do a mystical exam of Irving. But since Ichabod isn’t answering his phone Abbie rides out to check on the two of them.

Coby has finished his painting but Miller isn’t dead so there’s still time. As they attempt to leave Coby steps forward and says it’s too late. The two of them make it out of the painting just in time. As Ichabod goes to the destroy the painting, Coby grabs him and pulls himself out.  Abbie shows up and shoots…the painting. So much for doing it all without her. Abbie rides in, in a white patrol car, and saves the day… and water is wet.


Reyes is now mad at Abbie for disobeying a direct order to not speak to Irving. She’s okay with Ichabod for now, though. He suggests, that perhaps some vagrant killed Grant.

Ichabod and Katrina decide to mend their relationship.

Reyes surprises Abbie with the news that there might be evidence vindicating Irving and that he might go free.

5 thoughts on “Sleepy Hollow: Pittura Infamante

    1. Yeah if you’ve ever watched Buffy or Angel ,it’s has the same flavor but with a side of Alternative History. I like History and I like the way the show turns what I think I know about American History on its head. It’s just good fun with some inventive monster mythology.

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  1. barb

    I really like Irving and I hope he isn’t evil or can be cured if he is. I don’t really like Katrina-I hate when she has a big part and Abby doesnt. I watch the show for Abby and Crane!


    1. Idk, I kind of wanna see that Irving be bad, maybe. Okay, maybe be bad but get saved, unlike Abraham.

      I agree. Katrina is a bit of a third wheel. But I did find her less annoying last night. Probably because she wasn’t being duplicitous or deceitful and actually helping, a lot.


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