Supernatural : Paper Moon

I really liked this episode. It felt like a callback to season two and three. A seemingly, simple case of werewolves, that has emotional repercussions for the guys. The episode is really all about them, as the case can be directly related to everything they’ve just been through. How far will you go for family? What would you do?


Prologue: Under a full moon and my all time favorite werewolf song, Warren Zevon’s  ” Werewolves of London”,  we meet a hot babe at a seedy motorcycle bar. She claws out the throat of a randy, young nobody.

The brothers are actually taking Castiel’s advice and taking a break. They’re at a campground, drinking beer by the lake and it’s so nice to see them just sitting and enjoying each other’s company. I like this scene. Dean says he’s alright but he is restless and manages to  talk Sam into going on an easy job.


We get a familiar scene of the brothers bluffing at the police station, which is hilarious. There have been three attacks, throats torn out and parts missing and one witness, who says he saw the hot babe. On his tip, the brothers go out to the Sturges farm (shout out to the Sturges bike rally, maybe), where they find claw marks, dead chickens and Kate, the young woman they set free after she’d been Bitten in season eight.


They tie her up and plan to kill her but are interrupted by a report of another kill across town. Kate claws herself free and escapes. ( What is it with people tying up others on this show and them just wandering off? It’s like those old James Bond movies, where, if the villains just shot Bond right away, he wouldn’t be able to hassle the them later.)

They get her hotel name off her stolen phone, while discussing whether either of them is ready for this hunt,  Dean because of his possession and Sam because of Lester. Dean says Lester is Sam’s fault and uses “demon”as his  excuse for killing him. He thinks Sam ought to be feeling something about what he did,  but Sam feels no remorse, or so he claims. He keeps flashbacking to the event, so he’s feeling something. (I, personally, don’t care, though I think there’s more to this than Sam is telling.)

They follow someone who looks like Kate from the hotel to the woods and find out that this new girl is  a werewolf and also Kate’s sister. Kate runs in and  confesses that she bit her. Sam wants to give her  the benefit of the doubt but Dean is unrelenting. I think Sam is operating under the forgiveness rule because of the things he did while Dean was missing. Kate will continue to get a pass from him because she didn’t mean to be evil, just as he should get one for committing evil to find Dean. Dean is ,once again, feeling guilty about what he did and sees punishment (death for Kate), as the answer. He’ ll continue to push for that because he should be punished for what he did while he was  a demon.

They all  go to the local diner and Kate explains that she doesn’t eat people and  tries to keep herself under control. But her sister, Tasha, is another story. After Kate left her family, her sister nearly died and she turned her into a werewolf, to save her. But Tasha didn’t handle the change well and never  tried to fight what she was. Kate thinks she can be saved.  (The brothers say they have a cure, but that’s a lie.) Kate tries to take the blame for everything her sister has done and says, if anyone needs killing, it should be her.  Sam says they need a plan other than killing. He draws the parallel between the two sisters, him and Dean, that Kate is only doing what the two of them do for each other, all the time, and that she  shouldn’t be killed for it.


Later that evening, Sam confesses about Lester. He says there were others and explains what it was like for him after Dean’s death. (Every bit a heartbreaking as I thought it was. Even though, this must be  the five bazillionth time he’s watched Dean die. That’s got to get old.) Dean confesses that he’s embarrassed, about what he did, as a demon. He thanks Sam for saving him but Sam says that’s never necessary. I enjoyed  this conversation. This needed to be said.

They take Kate to a rendezvous spot to meet with Tasha. Dean argues that Tasha will never come back from the things she did, that she can’t be saved and I just know this conversation is about himself, a little bit. They find Tasha inside a cabin, waiting for them and also encounter extra werewolves she made and are taken hostage. (Naturally! I think it’s a law that somebody get taken hostage and occasionally tied up, at least once per episode.)


Tasha has been turning others into werewolves. (She calls Sam, Paul Bunyan. I don’t know why, but I feel insulted too. Later, she refers to the brothers as Mary Kate and Ashley and now I know she can’t be saved. Even I want to smack her.) Kate confronts her little sister, who sounds  the way Sammy did, when he was tripping  on demon blood. In fact it sounds like the exact same speech, right down to the “lets do this together” part. Only this version of that argument ends in death for one of the sisters.

The brothers kill their two captors but it’s Kate who stabs her sister and  escapes again. The brothers discuss whether to go after her or not. They also think, that maybe, they jumped back into hunting too soon. Sam wants Dean to talk about his time as a demon, if that’s what’s bothering him but Dean just wants to get back to work. To just be doing something.  Kate calls and they warn her to keep her nose clean but she can’t promise that.

Dean concedes that maybe Sam is right.  He’s not ready to hunt yet. He’s been making one bad decision after another since the beginning of season nine and he’s  tired of doing that. Yeah, Dean. We all are. I’m sure he’ll make some more, though, because we wouldn’t have this show, if he didn’t.


This was a good, solid episode but I must point out that I hated the original episode on which it was based. I knew Kate was still out there. I was not clamoring to see more of her.  And, since this is incident number two, the next time we see her, she’d better die. I really enjoyed this episode, though. I  don’t think it will ever become one of my all-time favorites, however.

We’re still dealing with the aftermath of the last three episodes and it’s good that the writers have remembered that. We get to see the brothers having some alone time, which was cool beans and having the beginning of some important discussions. Carver did say we’d get more relationship stuff this season with the brothers and you can almost see them feeling out what type of connections they will need for this new dynamic they’re trying to create. Their bond is still there, though. It’s fragile, and they are still tiptoeing around each other a bit, but it’s still there.

I’m not surprised at Sam’s revelation, that he committed other dark acts, outside of Lester.  I suspected as much. Now that he’s confessed to lying about that, it is definitely throwing some doubt on his version of the Lester Incident, so  I’m considering him an unreliable narrator. The Lester thing didn’t seem all that awful, so it’s possible Sam whitewashed that event, too. Just how far did he go? I know last season he said he wouldn’t make the same decisions that Dean made but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make all new, horrifying decisions, to save all the family he’s got left.

If there’s one thing about Sam, he definitely learns from his mistakes and  not looking for Dean in season eight was a huge one, although I was alright with his decision, a lot of fans were not ( and it’s the reason the writers  did a callback to season eight, with Kate.) How far would he go, to show that he’s learned that lesson extremely well?

I’m glad Dean made the attempt to thank Sam. And I loved Sam’s response. Of course it’s never necessary to thank your family for what they’re supposed to do, but it’s good to hear it anyway. I didn’t  get the impression that Dean was angry with Sam about the things he did, either.  He just seemed concerned that Sam’s not dealing with it. So, maybe, Dean might be learning from his mistakes too.

We can hope.

8 thoughts on “Supernatural : Paper Moon

  1. There’s a part of me that does that. I try not to do it. I just try to take what the writers want to give me.

    And one of the tropes of this show are the long, drawn out conversations that take place over half the season.

    The brothers will get to their points. We just need to wait.


    1. barb

      Just finished watching the episode with my husband. 10 minutes in he says-I am so glad they are back to working together fighting monsters. I think most of the casual viewer are happy to see the end of the deanmon storyline and are interested more in the brothers together fighting off the MOC.

      I gave the episode 8/10 on IMDB but watching it again I give it 8.5/10. Pretty good episode with a lot of relationship stuff between the boys. And those sunglasses…..!


    1. As usual, I liked it for what was in it. I don’t normally watch the episode for what’s NOT there. I know some people like to add up the things they didn’t see in an episode and grade it for that, but I’m satisfied with what was said.
      It’s only episode four. We’ve got about twenty more episodes for them to keep talking. I think last night was a good start.
      Also, I like Dean’s honesty about his feelings. You can tell he doesn’t like it but he’s going to try it anyway, to keep Sam happy.


      1. barb

        ” I don’t normally watch the episode for what’s NOT there. I know some people like to add up the things they didn’t see in an episode and grade it for that,”

        I am so tired of them doing that. Take it for what it is and either like it or not.


  2. barb

    I liked it but felt that the talking wasnt what I wanted to hear. I didnt want Dean to question what Sam did-I wanted him tosay-so now you understand why I did what I did with Zeke/Gadreel. Are we even now?


    1. Yeah, I didn’t care for the blame portion of that conversation. I got a sense that maybe Dean was thinking that but no, he didn’t say that. When they were talking at the campground and Dean brought up all the things that had happened to Sam over the years, I thought they’d have that conversation, but the writers sidestepped it again.
      Well, we have the rest of the season for them to get to it.


      1. barb

        I would be happy if Sam said hey Dean I get why you id what u did with Gadreel. That’s it! Over and done short and sweet.


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